Glossary of Comm 105 final

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J- individuals who interact verbally and non verbally, occupy certain roles w/ respect to one another, and cooperate to accomplish a goal
What is the definition of a group.
What is the optimal size for a small group?
the lowest number of people needed to accomplish the task.
name three of the five components of an effective group climate.
Supportiveness, participation, trust among group members, openness and candor, high performance goals
J- goals, structure, patterns of communication, norms, climate.
what are the characteristics of a group?
What are some advantages of solving problems in a small group?
Pool resources, increase motivation, fewer errors, decisions are better received, and the task is rewarding
whats missing in group development: forming storming ______ performing adjorning
whats missing in group development: fomring storming norming performing _______
what are some disadvantages in working in a small group?
laziness, personal goals conflict, high-status members (dominance), deadlock via stuborness, riskier decisions taken, takes longer
J- the group roles designed to help the group achieve its goals
What are task roles?
define maintenance roles
the group roles designed to ensure the smooth running of a group
what are the group roles called that impede the functioning of a group by preventing members from working together effectively
self serving roles or dysfunctional roles.
J- this occurs when a group member perceives a threat. what are some side effects
Defensive behavior. change in voice tone, tightening of muscles, adrenaline rush
J- the act of convincing an audience to adopt or change an attitude, belief, value, or take an action
what is persusion
know the difference between prepositions of fact, value, and policy.
Define ethos
a persuasion technique focusing on speaker credibility, ethics, ability, knowledge, and involvement
Ad hominem, also known as:
name calling
J- introducing irrelevant arguments
Red Herring
Hasty Generalizations are?
conclusions drawn from a small sample or just a few anecdotal example
Education is like cake; a small amount tastes sweet, but eat too much and your teeth will rot out. Likewise, more than two years of education is bad for a student.
faulty analogy
what is a false dichotomy?
artificially forcing an either or choice
style of persuasion appealing to emotions
j- this organizational pattern begins with a description of the cause, followed by its effects
what is the organizational pattern known as problem and solution?
the speaker identifies the conflict, than offers a potential course of action
what is it called when ones speech is organized in a physical order, like you're describing something?
what are process suggestions?
when you announce your subpoints in the main point so the audience knows what you'll discuss in that order
j- narrative, startling statement, rhetorical question, quotation, joke
what are examples of ways to grab the audience's attention.
what is a transitional preview? what is its opposite? define that.
when you say where you're going. transitional summary, when you say what you said, in summary
j- when you tell the audience where they are in the message
what is a signpost?
define language
an arbitrary system of symbols that is governed by rules and conveys power.
j-linguistic determinism and linguistic relativism form this
the sapir-wharf hypothesis
j-this says that language determines thought
what is linguistic determinism
what is linguistic relativism
people who live in different language communities perceive the world differently
j- making the effort not to offend by selecting words that demonstrate our respect for and sensitivity to the needs and interests of others
what is the use of politically correct language?
what does it mean to bypass.
when a word has two meanings which get confused during conversation
j- both intentional and unintentional conveyance of meaning outside of the verbal content of a massege
what is non-verbal communication?
j- nv behaviors that take the place of words.
what is complementation?
a nv behavior that reinforces a message
j- a nv behavior that illustrates emotion
what is affect display?
what is negation?
a nv behavior that cancels or contradicts a verbal message
j- a nv behavior that attempts to regulate flow of conversation
what is regulation?
what is adaptation?
a nv behavior used to cope with uncomfortable situations
j- the relationship between body language and communication
what is kinesics?
j- vocal cues that accompany spoken language.
what is Paralanguage
j-the non verbal communication associated with touch
what is Haptics

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