Glossary of Cisco BCMSN

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Layer 2 switching uses what value to forward data?
MAC address
Multilayer switching (MLS) forwards packets based on what OSI layers?
Layers 2,3 and 4
What does the 20/80 rule of networking state?
Twenty percent of the traffic on a network segment stays local, while 80 percent of it
travels across the network.
Where does a collision domain exist in a switched network?
On a single switch port
Where does a broadcast domain exist in a switched network?
On a single VLAN
What is a VLAN primarily used for?
To segment a broadcast domain
In which OSI layer should devices in the distribution layer typically operate?
Layer 3
How many layers are recommended in the hierarchical campus network design model?
A hierarchical network’s distribution layer aggregates which of the following?
Access layer switches
What might make a Catalyst 2950 a good choice for use in a wiring closet?
high density of 10/100 ports
In Multilayer switching, what hardware/software provides the Layer 3 routing function?
Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF)
Traffic destined for a specific set or group of users, regardless of their location on the campus network
is called what?
Multicast traffic
The new model of campus traffic has become known as what?
The 20/80 rule
Which Hierarchical Network Design layer includes devices with low cost per switch port,
high port density, scalable uplinks to higher layers,
user access functions such as VLAN membership, traffic and protocol filtering?
Access layer
Which Hierarchical Network Design layer includes High Layer 3 throughput for packet handling, Security and policy-based connectivity functions through access lists or packet filters, QoS features,
and Scalable and resilient high-speed links to the c
Distribution Layer
Which Hierarchical Network Design layer includes Very high throughput at Layer 2 or Layer 3, No costly or unnecessary packet manipulations (access lists, packet filtering), Redundancy and resilience for high availability and Advanced QoS functions?
core layer
What is the purpose of breaking a campus network down into a hierarchical design?
To make the network predictable and scalable
What are the components of a typical switch block?
access layer and distribution layer switches
What are two types of core, or backbone, designs?
Dual core and collapsed core
In a properly designed hierarchical network, a broadcast from one PC will be confined to what?
One switch block
What is the maximum number of access layer switches that can connect into a single
distribution layer switch?
Limited only by the number of ports on the distribution switch
A switch block should be sized according to what two details?
A study of the traffic patterns and flows and the number of access layer users
How many distribution switches should be built into each switch block?
You can divide enterprise campus networks into what two basic elements?
Switch block and Core block
A group of access layer switches together with their distribution switches is called what?
A switch block
A group of enterprise servers along with their access and distribution (layer) switches is called what?
Server Farm block
A group of network management resources along with their access and distribution switches is called what?
Management block
A collection of services related to external network access, along with their access and distribution switches is called what?
Enterprise Edge block
The external network services contracted or used by the
enterprise network; these are the services with which the enterprise edge block interfaces. What is this called?
Service Provider Edge block
What type of core block is one where the hierarchy’s core layer is combined into the distribution layer?
Collapsed core block
In what type of core block are the distribution and core layers separate?
Dual core block
What device performs transparent bridging?
Layer 2 switch
When a PC is connected to a Layer 2 switch port, how far does the collision domain spread?
1 switch port
What information is used to forward frames in a Layer 2 switch?
destination MAC address
What does a switch do if a MAC address can’t be found in the CAM table?
The switch floods the frame out all ports (except the receiving port).
In the Catalyst 6500, frames can be filtered with access lists for security and QoS purposes. This filtering occurs at the same time as what?
Simultaneously with a CAM table lookup
In a switch, access list contents are compiled and merged into what?
The TCAM table
Multilayer switches using CEF are based on what switching technique?
Topology-based switching
In a switch, frames are placed in which buffer after forwarding decisions are made?
Egress queue
What size are the mask and pattern fields in a TCAM entry?
134 bits
Access list rules are compiled as TCAM entries. When a packet is matched against an access list, in what order are the TCAM entries evaluated?
All entries are evaluated in parallel.
Which Catalyst 3550 command can you use to display the addresses in the CAM table?
show mac address-table
CEF builds Layer 3 destination information from routing tables and Layer 2 data. Where is this information stored?
This information is stored in hardware as a Forwarding Information Base (FIB) table.
Multilayer switches can make many policy decisions in parallel using what?
The Ternary Content
Addressable Memory (TCAM) contents.
In a CEF switch, access lists for security (traditional router ACLs and VLAN ACLs) and QoS ACLs are compiled or merged into what?
TCAM entries. These access lists can then be processed on each packet that passes through the switch, as a single table lookup.
As a packet exits a multilayer switch, it must be rewritten so that its header and checksum values are valid. The fields in the original packet that the switch updates are what?
— Source MAC address becomes the Layer 3 switch MAC address.
— Destination MAC address becomes the next-hop MAC address.
— IP TTL value is decremented by one.
— IP checksum is recomputed.
— Ethernet frame checksum is recomputed.
What command is used to set the CAM table aging time?
mac address-table aging-time [seconds]
What command is used to configure a static CAM entry?
mac address-table static [mac-address] vlan [vlan-id] interface [type mod/num]
What command is used to clear a CAM table entry.
clear mac address-table dynamic
What command is used to set privileged level password to level 15?
enable password level 15 [password]
What command is used to view the CAM table?
show mac address-table dynamic
What command is used to view the CAM table size?
show mac address-table count
What command is used to view TCAM resource information?
show tcam counts
By default, how long are CAM table entries kept before they are aged out?
300 seconds
A TCAM lookup involves which 3 values?
mask, value and result
How many table lookups are required to find a MAC address in the CAM table?
How many table lookups are required to match a packet against an access list that has been compiled into 10 TCAM entries?
How many value patterns can a TCAM store for each mask?
Can all packets be switched in hardware by a multilayer switch?
No; some must be flagged for process switching by the switch CPU.
Multilayer switches must rewrite which 3 portions of an Ethernet frame?
Source and destination MAC addresses
IP time-to-live
If a station only receives Ethernet frames and doesn’t transmit anything, how will a switch learn of its location?
You must configure a static CAM entry with the station’s MAC address and the switch port
where it is located. Otherwise, the switch must flood each and every frame destined for that host
out every switch port in an effort to find it.
What is a TCAM’s main purpose?
To process access lists as a single table lookup
Why do the TCAM mask and pattern fields consist of so many bits?
So that a combination of several address fields in a frame can be inspected at once
In a multilayer switch with a TCAM, a longer access list (more ACEs or statements) takes longer to process for each frame. True or false?
A multilayer switch receives a packet with a certain destination IP address. Suppose the switch
has that IP address in its Layer 3 forwarding table, but no corresponding Layer 2 address. What vhappens to the packet next?
The switch CPU sends an ARP request.
If a multilayer switch can’t support a protocol with CEF, it relies on fallback bridging. Can the switch still route that traffic?
No. That traffic is transparently bridged. An external multilayer switch or router is required to take the bridged packets and route them.
To configure a static CAM table entry, the mac address-table static mac-address command is used. Which two other parameters must also be given?
vlan [vlan-id]
interface [type mod/num]
What portion of the TCAM is used to evaluate port number comparisons in an access list?
Someone has asked you where the host with MAC address 00-10-20-30-40-50 is located.
Assuming you already know the switch it is connected to, what command can you use to find it?
show mac address-table dynamic address 0010.2030.4050
What protocol is used to advertise CAM table entries among neighboring switches?
None; the entries are not advertised.
When a frame arrives at a switch port where is it placed?
In the ingress queue
In a switch, the Layer 2 forwarding table is called what?
CAM table
Catalyst switches support what two basic generations or types of MLS?
route caching and topology based
Where does Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) download the current routing table database?
into the Forwarding
Information Base (FIB)
What is the L3 Forwarding Table in a switch called?
The FIB table
All Catalyst switch models use what table for Layer 2 switching?
a Content Addressable Memory (CAM)
By default, idle CAM table entries are kept for 300 seconds before they are deleted. You can change the default setting using what command?
mac address-table aging-time [seconds]
After an access list has been created or configured, what software compiles, or merges, the ACEs into entries in the TCAM table?
Feature Manager software
What software configures or tunes the TCAM partitions,
if needed?
The SDM software
TCAM entries are composed of what combinations?
Value, Mask, and Result (VMR)
What is the name for the operating system available on Cisco Catalyst 3550, 4500, and
6500 family switches?
Cisco IOS
Which user interface mode allows the greatest authority for making configuration changes?
Privileged EXEC (enable) mode
To configure a password for Telnet access to a switch, what must the password be applied to?
line vty 0 15
Which protocol is used to exchange information between connected Cisco neighbors?
Cisco Discovery Protocol is sent over which OSI layer?
Layer 2
Which Catalyst file system contains the running IOS software image?
Which command saves newly made configuration changes so they will be automatically used after the next switch reload?
copy running-config startup-config
What command can you use to view information received from a neighboring Cisco switch, including its version of IOS?
show cdp neighbors detail
What command is used to set the privileged level password?
enable secret [password]
What command is used to copy a file between Flash and a TFTP server?
copy flash:[filename] tftp:
What command is used to clear Flash contents?
erase flash:
format flash:
What command is used to save the running configuration?
copy running-config startup-config
What command is used to display the current running environment and IOS version?
show version
What command is used to display the running configuration?
show running-config
What command is used to display the permanent configuration?
show startup-config
show config
What command is used to display all technical support information?
show tech-support
How often are CDP announcements sent?
Every 60 seconds
What command can you use to verify CDP configuration on switch port GigabitEthernet 3/1?
shop cdp interface gi 3/1
What mode are you in with the following command line prompt:
Privileged EXEC or enable mode
What mode are you in with the following command line prompt:
Global configuration mode
What mode are you in with the following command line prompt:
Interface configuraion mode
What mode are you in with the following command line prompt:
Normal user EXEC mode
To change the host or system name, you enter what command in configuration mode?
Switch(config)# hostname [hostname]
By default, a switch allows user access only via what?
the console port
CDP frames are sent as multicasts, using a
destination MAC address of what?
To manually enable CDP on an
interface, you use what interface configuration command?
Switch(config-if)# [no] cdp enable
What is the nonvolatile memory present in the switch? Files stored here remain intact even after a power cycle.
Nonvolatile memory that contains the switch configuration used during bootup is called what?
What does the IEEE 802.3 standard define?
At what layer are traditional 10 Mbps Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet the same?
Layer 2
At what layer are traditional 10 Mbps Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet different?
Layer 1
What is the maximum cable distance for a Category 5 100BASE-TX connection?
100 meters
Where is Cisco Long Reach Ethernet typically used?
In a multitenant building
What is the maximum length of a Cisco LRE connection?
5000 feet
Ethernet autonegotiation determines which of the following?
duplex mode
What cannot be determined by an ethernet port if the far end of a connection doesn’t support autonegotiation?
What type of cable should you use to connect two switches back-to-back using their
FastEthernet 10/100 ports?
Crossover cable
If a switch port is in the “errdisable” state, what is the first thing you should do?
Determine the cause of the problem.
What is the IEEE name for fast ethernet?
What is the IEEE name for gigabit ethernet on fiber?
What is the IEEE name for gigabit ethernet on copper?
What is the IEEE name for 10 gigabit ethernet?
What command is used to select multiple switch ports for configuration?
range [type module/first-number – last-number]
What command is used to give a name to a port?
description [description-string]
What command is used to set port speed?
speed [10 | 100 | 1000 | auto]
What command is used to set port mode?
duplex [auto | full | half]
When a 10/100 Ethernet link is autonegotiating, which will be chosen if both stations can
support the same capabilities—10BASE-T full duplex, 100BASE-TX half duplex, or
100BASE-TX full duplex?
100BASE-TX full duplex will be chosen because it has the highest autonegotiation priority and is common to both end stations.
How many pairs of copper wires does a 1000BASET connection need?
4 pairs
Which GBIC would you use for a connection over multimode fiber (MMF)?
You could use either a 1000BASE-SX or a 1000BASE-LX/LH.
A Category 5 cable having only pins 1,2 and 3,6 has been installed and used for a Fast Ethernet
link. Can this same cable be used for a migration to Gigabit Ethernet using 1000BASE-T GBICs, assuming the length is less than 100 meters?
No. 1000BASE-T requires all four pairs of wires to be present.
What types of Ethernet are commonly used to connect geographically separate locations?
Metro Ethernet, transported over facilities contracted from a service provider
What form of Metro Ethernet allows several enterprise VLANs to be transported between locations—TLS or DVS?
Directed VLAN Service (DVS)
What one switch command will select Fast Ethernet interfaces 4/1 through 48 for a common configuration?
interface range fastethernet 4/1 - 48 (Don’t forget spaces around the dash.)
What command can you use to make sure that no switch ports are automatically shut down in an errdisable state for any reason?
no errdisable detect cause all
In which Metro Ethernet deployment are all of a customer’s connected sites appear as a single common VLAN (broadcast domain)?
Transparent LAN Service (TLS)
In which Metro Ethernet deployment can a customer’s VLANs be connected wherever they exist, rather than everywhere. This allows one VLAN to be connected between two sites while another VLAN connects to two other sites, and so on. A customer is allowed
Directed VLAN Service (DVS)
In what technology does A single fiber connection transports many different Gigabit Ethernet datastreams by placing each within a
different wavelength (represented by the Greek letter lambda λ) of light?
Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM)
In what technology does A single fiber connection transports up to 8 different Gigabit Ethernet datastreams by placing each within a
different wavelength (represented by the Greek letter lambda λ) of light?
Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM)
Catalyst switch families use what to make the console connection between a PC (or terminal or modem) and the console port.
an RJ-45-to-RJ-45 rollover cable
What GBIC provides short wavelength connectivity using SC fiber connectors and MMF
for distances up to 550 meters (1804 feet)?
What GBIC provides long wavelength/long haul connectivity using SC fiber connectors and either MMF or single-mode fiber (SMF)?
What GBIC provides GBIC—extended distance connectivity using SC fiber connectors and SMF; works for distances up to 70 km, and even to 100 km when used with premium grade SMF?
What GBIC uses a proprietary connector with a high-data-rate copper cable with
enhanced signal integrity and electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance to provides a GBIC-to-GBIC connection between stacking Catalyst switches or between any two G
GigaStack GBIC
What GBIC provides an RJ-45 connector for 4-pair UTP cabling; works for distances
up to 100 m (328 feet?
A 10-Mbps Ethernet link (fixed speed) defaults to what duplex?
half duplex
A 100-Mbps Fast Ethernet (dual speed 10/100) link defaults to what duplex?
full duplex
What Cisco switch feature detects when a Spanning Tree bridge protocol data unit (BPDU) is received on
a port configured for STP portfast?
What command is used to enable and use a switch port?
no shutdown
A VLAN is what kind of domain?
A broadcast domain
Switches provide VLAN connectivity at which layer of the OSI model?
Layer 2
What is needed to pass data between two PCs, each connected to a different VLAN?
A Layer 3 process on a switch or router
Which switch command is used to assign a port to a VLAN?
switchport access vlan [vlan-id]
What is the Cisco proprietary method for trunk encapsulation?
Which protocol dynamically negotiates trunking parameters?
DTP - Dynamic Trunking Protocol
How many different VLANs can an 802.1Q trunk support?
If two switches each support all types of trunk encapsulation on a link between them, which
one will be negotiated?
What is the purpose of an 802.1Q tunnel?
To transport an 802.1Q trunk across a service provider network
Which VLAN trunk encapsulation method adds a 26-byte header, a 4-byte trailer to each frame, and includes a 10-bit VLAN ID?
Which VLAN trunk encapsulation method adds a 4-byte tag; includes a 12-bit VLAN ID
What two commands create a VLAN and name it?
vlan [vlan-num]
name [vlan-name]
What three commands assign a port to a VLAN?
interface [type module/number]
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan [vlan-num]
What command is used to verify VLAN configuration?
show vlan id [vlan-id]
What command is used to verify active trunk parameters?
show interface [type mod/num]trunk
What command is used to verify DTP operation?
show dtp [interface type mod/num]
Name two types of VLANs in terms of spanning areas of the campus network.
Local VLAN
End-to-end VLAN
What three switch commands would configure Fast Ethernet port 4/11 for VLAN 2?
interface fastethernet 4/11
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 2
What is the default VLAN on all ports of a Catalyst switch?
What methods of Ethernet VLAN frame identification can be used on a Catalyst switch trunk?
What is the difference between the two VLAN trunking methods? How many bytes are added to trunked frames for VLAN identification in each method?
ISL uses encapsulation and adds a 26-byte header and a 4-byte trailer. 802.1Q adds a
4-byte tag field within existing frames, without encapsulation.
What is the purpose of Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP)?
DTP allows negotiation of a common trunking method between endpoints of a trunk link.
What commands are needed to configure a Catalyst switch trunk port Gigabit 3/1 to transport only VLANs 100, 200 through 205, and 300 using IEEE 802.1Q?
switchport trunk allowed vlan 100, 200-205, 300
Two neighboring switch trunk ports are set to the auto mode with ISL trunking encapsulation mode. What will the resulting trunk mode become?
Trunking will not be established at all. Both switches are in the passive auto state and are waiting to be asked to start the trunking mode. The link will remain an access link on both switches.
What is the command to configure the switch port to use DTP to actively ask the other end to become a trunk?
switchport mode dynamic desirable
Which command can set the native VLAN of a trunk port to VLAN 100 after the interface has been selected?
switchport trunk native vlan 100
What command can configure a trunk port to stop sending and receiving DTP packets
switchport nonegotiate
What command can be used on a Catalyst switch to verify exactly what VLANs will be
transported over trunk link gigabitethernet 4/4?
show interface gigabitethernet 4/4 switchport
show interface gigabitethernet 4/4 trunk
What type of switch port must a customer present to a service provider if an IEEE 802.1Q tunnel is desired?
802.1Q trunk
A full Layer 2-only switched network is referred to as what?
a flat network topology.
What are the two VLAN membership methods exist on Cisco Catalyst switches?
static and dynamic
Which VLAN membership methods is port based?
static VLAN membership
What is the name of the VLAN database where VLAN information is automatically stored on a switch?
What 3 commands are used to assign switc ports to VLANs?
Switch(config)# interface [type module/number]
Switch(config-if)# switchport mode access
Switch(config-if)# switchport access vlan [vlan-num]
What command outputs a list of all VLANs defined in the switch?
show vlan
What type of VLAN spans the entire switch fabric of a network?
end to end VLAN
Cisco supports trunking on what type of switch links?
Cisco supports trunking on both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switch links
VLAN identification can be performed using what two methods?
Inter-Switch Link (ISL) protocol and IEEE 802.1Q protocol
Which VLAN trunking method imbeds information into the frame?
How does ISL modify a frame?
ISL adds a 26-byte header and
a 4-byte trailer to the frame.
How many bytes does ISL add to each frame?
ISL adds a total of 30 bytes to each frame
How many bytes does 802.1Q add to each frame?
802.1Q adds 4 bytes
Can a router participate in the DTP negotiation protocol?
Are switch ports enabled for trunking by default?
No, by default, all switch ports are non-trunking
What 5 commands are needed to set up a port as a trunk link?
interface [type mod/port]
switchport trunk encapsulation [isl | dot1q | negotiate]
switchport trunk native vlan [vlan-id]
switchport trunk allowed vlan [vlan-list | all |
add | except | remove] vlan-list
switchport mode [trunk | dynamic {desirable | auto}}
Which command defines which VLANs can be trunked over the
switchport trunk allowed vlan
Which VLAN is the Cisco default, which carries control protocols such as CDP, VTP, and STP
Which setting places a port in permanent trunking mode?
switchport mode trunk -
The port at the other end of the trunk should be similarly configured because negotiation is not
allowed. You should also manually configure the encapsulation mode.
Which switchport mode is the default for trunking?
dynamic desirable
In which switchport mode does the port actively attempts to convert the link into trunking
dynamic desirable -
If the far-end switch port is configured to trunk, dynamic desirable, or dynamic auto
mode, trunking is successfully negotiated.
In which switchport mode does the port convert the link into trunking mode?
switchport mode dynamic auto - If the far-end switch port is
configured to trunk or dynamic desirable, trunking is negotiated. Because of the passive negotiation behavior, the link never becomes a trunk if both ends of the link are left to the dynamic auto default.
How often are DTP frames rent out?
DTP frames are sent out every 30 seconds
What command disables DTP completely so that DTP frames are not exchanged?
switchport nonegotiate
what technique allows trunk tunneling to be accomplished across a service provider’s core network without 802.1Q
Ethernet over MPLS (EoMPLS)
What command puts a switch port into the tunnel mode?
switchport mode dot1qtunnel
What command is used o verify a VLAN’s configuration on a switch?
show vlan id [vlan]
Which VTP modes does not allow any manual VLAN configuration changes?
client mode
How many VTP management domains can a Catalyst switch participate in?
A switch can be a member of only one VTP management domain.
Which command configures a Catalyst 3550 for VTP client mode?
vtp mode client
What is the purpose of VTP pruning?
to limit the extent of broadcast traffic
Which VLAN number is never eligible for VTP pruning?
If a VTP server is configured for VTP version 2, what else must happen for successful VTP
communication in a domain?
All other switches in the domain must be version 2 capable.
What VTP modes can a Catalyst switch be configured for?
Server, client, and transparent modes.
Are VLANs advertised in VTP transparent mode?
Can VLANs be created in VTP transparent mode?
Can VLANs be created in VTP client mode?
On a VTP server switch, identify what you can do to reset the VTP configuration revision number to 0.
Set the VTP domain name to a bogus value and change it back OR Configure the switch for VTP transparent mode and then configure the switch back to server mode.
How can you clear the configuration revision number on a VTP client?
You can’t. The VTP client bases all VLAN and VTP information on advertisements from a VTP
server. Therefore, the configuration revision number on the client comes directly from the same number on the server.
What command would be used to make all VLANs other than 30 and 100 eligible for pruning on a trunk interface?
switchport trunk pruning vlan except 30,100
Which VLAN numbers are never eligible for VTP pruning?
VLAN 1 and VLANs 1001 to 1005.
What does the acronym VTP stand for?
VLAN Trunking Protocol
What VTP domain name is defined on a new switch with no configuration?
A NULL or empty string. The switch defaults to server mode and will learn a VTP domain
name from the first VTP server heard on a trunk link. Otherwise, you must manually configure the domain name.
What command will show information about the VTP configuration on a Catalyst 3550?
show vtp status
The VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)operates at what layer o the OSI model?
Layer 2
In how many VTP domains can a switch belong to?
A switch can belong to only one VTP domain
When a VLAN is added to a switch in a management
domain, other switches are notified of the new VLAN through what?
a VTP advertisement
By default, a switch is in what VTP mode?
VTP server mode
VTP advertisements are sent as what type of frame?
multicast frames
The VTP advertisement process starts with what configuration revision number?
zero (0)
Can a VTP revision number be
altered by a power cycle of the switch?
No, it is stored in NVRAM and is not altered by a power cycle of the switch
What are the three forms of VTP advertisements?
Summary advertisements
Subset advertisements
Advertisement requests from clients
When do VTP domain servers send summary advertisements?
every 300 seconds and every time a VLAN database change occurs.
For VLAN configuration changes, summary advertisements are followed
by what?
one or more subset advertisements with more specific VLAN configuration data.
When do VTP domain servers send subset advertisements?
after a VLAN configuration change occurs.
What global configuration command is used to assign a switch to a VTP management
Switch(config)# vtp domain [domain-name]
What command configures the VTP mode on a switch?
Switch(config)# vtp mode [server | client | transparent]
What is the default VTP protocol on a switch?
VTP version 1 is the default protocol on a switch.
The current VTP parameters for a management domain can be displayed with what command?
show vtp status
VTP message and error counters can be displayed with what command?
show vtp counters
VTP pruning makes more efficient use of trunk bandwidth by doing what?
by reducing unnecessary flooded traffic (broadcasts and unknown unicasts)
By default, is VTP pruning disabled or enabled on IOS-based switches?
To enable VTP pruning, use what global configuration command?
Switch(config)# vtp pruning
Does the the VTP password on one switch have to match others in the VTP domain?
If Fast Ethernet ports are bundled into an EtherChannel, what is the maximum throughput
supported on a Catalyst switch?
1600 Mbps
What type of interface represents an EtherChannel as a whole?
The EtherChannel load-balancing method can be set how?
globally per switch
What logical operation is performed to calculate EtherChannel load balancing as a function of two addresses?
When would PagP’s “desirable silent” mode be useful?
When the switch should not expect to receive PAgP frames
Which EtherChannel mode does not send or receive any negotiation frames?
channel-group 1 mode on
Which command can be used to see the status of an EtherChannel’s links?
show etherchannel summary
How many links can be aggregated into an EtherChannel?

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