Glossary of Chin test 2

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Where are the Yellow Springs found?
Which mountain in pre-buddhist china was associated with the registers of the living and the dead?
Mount Tai
What are the two souls in traditional Chinese thought?
The Hun and the Po
Which of the following is NOT one of the Five Paths in Buddhism?
When was Buddhism introduced in China?
During the Han dynasty
When was the first collection of Buddhist miracle tales written?
in the late 4th century
Which of the following is known as the Chinese goddess of mercy?
What is a jataka tale?
a story about the Buddhas previous lives
Which of the following concepts is NOT indigenous to China?
Yama as the ruler to the dead
In the miracle tal "Chu Chang-shu what did evil youths throw onto his roof?
What is the vow all bodhisattvas make?
to aid all beings to achieve enlightenment
Why did Fei Changfang not pass the test given to him by Lord Gourd?
He could not eat maggot filled excrement
Whuch of the following was an important Daoist philosopher
Lao Zi
Why did the Yellow Turbans adopt the color yellow?
because the Han dynasty had chosen the element fire
What was a principle ingredient in medieval Chinese immortality elixirs?
In popular Daoism, who is the supreme deity in the present age?
The Jade Emperor
What happened to two of the Isles of the Blest>
the were caught by a giant with a fish hook
Why was Lord Gourd called Lord Gourd?
He lived inside a gourd
Which of the Eight Immortals had his body cremated by a servant?
Li Tieguai
What does Zhongli Quan hold in his left hand?
a fan
Zhang Guo is usually portrayed riding
on a white donkey
What were the "Five Pecks of Rice"?
An early Daoist group
How many subhells
In which of the ten hells is the "Mirror of the Wicked" found?
the first
Why was Yama demoted to the king of the 5th Hell?
he was too lenient
In which of the 10 hells is a person judged?
1st hell
What does Dame Meng do in the 10th hell?
She gives the broth of oblivion to those about to be reborn
What is traditional history?
history that may contain myth or legend
Which dynasties listed is most likely mythical?
What are the two meanings of the chinese term di?
God and emperor
When Pan Gu died what formed human beings?
Which of the following is important to Chinese sericulture
mulberry trees
At about what time in Chinese History did the "productive sequence" become the most important for the 5 elements?
Han dynasty
What direction and element are associate with the Yellow Emperor?
center, earth
Who bumped into Mount Buzhou and broke the pillars that supported the heavens?
Gong Gong
Where was Yi Yin born?
Inside a hollow mulberry tree
How are blackbirds connected with the Shang dynasty?
an ancestor of the Shang dynasty became pregnant after eating a black birds egg
Who were the father and son founders of the Zhou dynasty?
Wen and Wu
In medieva Chinese myth, why is there a toad on the moon?
Chang E transformed into the toad after stealing the elixirs of immortality
Where is the Queen Mother of the West's palace located?
in the Kunlun Mountains
What do the Queen Mother of the Wests rabbits prepare with their mortars and pestles
elixirs of immortality
Which ruler did Yi Yin assist in founding a dynasty?
King Tang
Who was the good first ruler of the Shang dynasty?
What did Nu Was use to make human beings?
Yellow soil
What animal and color are associated with the south
bird, red
Which of the following is NOT true of the Great Yu
he invented the plow

Is true:
he founded Xia
He cast nine cauldrons
He stopped the floods
he married a Tushan woman

WHo was Shun's father-in-law
King Yao
Who does Chang-E steal the elixers of immortality from
Archer Yi
In more modern images what animal does Chang E have with her on the moon?
a Rabbit
What forms the bridge that allows Ox and Weaver to meet once a year?
How many suns did Archer Yi shoot down?
What kind of a tree is shown in the picture below
a mulberry tree
What seperated Ox from Weaver?
The River of Heaven
The Great Yu's father, Gun, is sometimes portrayed as
A dragon
Which of the following were a bad last/good first ruler pair?
Jie and Tang
Wgucg philosophical school emphasized "cycles of nature"?
Di Kus two wives gave birth to
ancestors of the founders of the Shang and Zhou dynasties
Why did Bo Yi and Shu Qi starve to death?
they would not eat the food of the Zhou dynasty
How did King You get Bao Si to smile?
he lit the invasion beacon fires
In modern versions of the myth, why does ox steal weavers robe?
he wants her to marry him
What animal and color are associated with the north?
black warrior, black

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