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a homogenous mixture/ solution containing at least one metal.
Ex: brass, steel, bronze
a homogenous mixture/ solution in which a solute is dissolved in water.
Boiling Point
the temperture at which a liquid undergoes a phase change from liquid to gas; the temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liqid is equal to the atmospheric pressure.
Boiling Point Elevation
the boiling point of a solution is higher than the boiling point of the pure solvent
a heterogeneous mixture composed of tiny particles in a solution but smaller than particles in a suspension. Ex: milk, blood
Having a relatively large amount of substance present in a unit amount of mixture.
having a relatively low concentration of solute in a mixture
Freezing Point Depression
the freezing point/melting point of a solution is lower than the freezing/ melting point of the pure solvent.
A sample of matter consisting of more than one pure substance with properties that do not vary within the sample.
A sample of matter consisting of more than one pure substance with properties that do not vary within the sample
Refers to a substance that does not dissolve in a solvent to any significant degree.
Two liquids are considered "miscible" or mixable if shaking them together results in a single liquid phase with no visible separation
Two or more pure substances PHYSICALLY combined; a combination of two or more pure substances that can be seperated by physical means
A measure of concentration; M= moles of solute/ liters of solution
Parts per Million
A measure of concentration; ppm= parts of solute/ million parts of solution
Percent Composition (by mass or volume)
% comp= (Part/whole) x 100
An insoluble substance that has been formed from a chemical reaction between substances dissolved in a solution
A solution that hs reached equilibrium; a solution which can not dissolve any more solute
A measure of the concentration of a substance in a saturation solution; a measure of how much of a substance can dissolve in a given amount of solvent.
capable of being dissolved in a solvent
a homogeneous mixture
A substance dissolved in a solvent to make a solution
The most abundant component in a solution
a solution in which the concentration of solute is higher than the colubility; moer solute is dissolved than should be inder a given set of conditions.
A heterogenous mixture in which relatively large particles are suspended in a liquid
Tyndall Effect
Light passing through a colloid is scattered by suspended particles (the light beam becomes clearly visible)
A solution with a concentration lower than its equilibrium solubility; a solution in which more solute can be dissolved.

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