Glossary of Chapter 12 Digital Imaging

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Total Quality Mangament

The QC standards for ____, ____, and ___ contribute to the TQM

image acquisition, processing, equipment maintenance
the QC standards are covered by ___ recommendations and ____ report #3
QC schedules and responsibilities
- we are first line defense in preventing recognizing and reporting QC issues
- most familiar with everyday operation of equip.
-tend to learn

technologist responsibilities


-inspect and clean casettes
-inspect hinges
-erase imaging plates
-verify digital interfaces
-inspect laser printer

tech responsibilities


inspect and clean casettes
clean air intakes on CR reader
Clean CRT screen
clean computer

Service Personnel Responsibilities
(preventative maintenance program)
x-ray generator; tube
CR reader
phosphor accuracy testing
image processing functions
image display testing
reader erasure functions
spatial frequency testing

Radiation Physicist RES.

semi- or annually

review images to:

reestablish baselines
check aec
analyze repeat
QC records
analyze service history

Standard QC tests

_____report ___details the tests and reports to be done for PSP systems

AAPM ; 74
with the Standard QC tests, tests for
filtration, collimation, focal spot, kvp, time, linearity, reproducibility, adn protective apparel is the same as F.S

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