Glossary of Chapter 12

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describe the Geography of a steppe
dry grass land very little rain
describe the climate of the steppe
-57 in the winter and 96 in the summer

alottt of wind

how did people of the steppe use horses
for battle
to pull carts
to hunt with
trade horses

who were the mongols
nomadic people who were in the eastern steppe
who was tam bejon
he united all the clans and they called him genghis khan which means united leader
what are 4 characteristics that made genghis khan a good leader
gifted strategist
adopted new weapons and technology

what was the pax mongolia
mongol peace
and guaranteed safe passing through the empire
who was kubla khan and what did he do
who was the grandson of genhis and he conquered china
what dynasty does kubla establish
yuan dynasty and it lasted from 1279-1368 and this was a period of peace and prosperity
where does kubla build the capital in china
did kubla conquer japan
when the mongols move into china what are some things that they do
they kept there own laws but the mongols had to take in some of the chinese customs to keep them happy
what does kuai do to the great canal
he extends it to Beijing and makes a road by it so they could ride there horses not just boats
who is marco polo?
he was a venetian trader who went to china for 17 years
what does marco do when he returns venice?
he tells stories about what he saw in china such as
fabulous cities
coal- they used this to keep the houses warm
the government

these eventually were made into a book

how did the yuan dynasty start to decline power
high taxes and failure expeditions in southwest asia

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