Glossary of Cardio - Vet Tech

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central space that divides the left and right pleural cavities
Location of the canine heart
from 3rd to 6th intercostal space
Location of equine/ruminant heart
2nd-6th intercostal space w/ apex at the pt. of the elbow
receive and hold venous blood
pump blood away from the heart
major artery exiting left ventricle
pulmonary artery
major artery exiting right ventricle
cranial and caudal venal cava
blood flows from these vessels into right atria
right atrium
receives deoxygenated blood from cranial and caudal vena cava
acts as holding chamber of venous blood about to be pumped to lungs by RV
interatrial septum
wall seperating right and left atrium
foramen ovale
opening bt right and left atrium. A hole in this is a defect in babies
RIght AV valve
valve seperating RA from RV
open during systole
valve leaflets
Right ventricle
pumps deO2 venous blood into the pulmonary circulation
Pulmonic valve (semilunar)
seperates RV from pulmonic artery exiting RV open during diastole

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