Glossary of Canada Human Geography

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Who are the inuit?
eskimos from asia that came by way of beringia
where did the inuit's ancestors reside in North America?
canadian arctic and alaska
when did the european explorers begin arriving in canada?
15th century, 1497(John cabot)
what two main factors defined the differences among canadians by the end of the 18th century?
religion and ethnicity/ancestry
what canadian provenc or territory was once called upper canada?
what canadian province or territory was once called lower canada?
what are the core provinces?
ontario and quebec
which european power won control of canada?
great britain
what factor was essential in the development of western canada?
betweem what two cities did the first trancontinental railroad in canada extend?s
Montreal, quebec, and vancouver, british columbia
how did canada change after the building of rail ra]oads and disoceries of copper, zinc, and other resourse?
agricultural to industrial
when did canada gain indepenence from brittain?
how is canada's government similar to britain's?
structure- parlamentary govesrnment, loyal to the crown
what aer some of canada's leading industries?
farming, mining, logging, fishing
where in most manufacturing done in canada?
southern quebec-ontario
name two groups of people who settled in canada
inuit, first nations
what are the official languages of canada
english, french,
what are the perdominant religions of canada
protestant, roman catholic
what factors have most affecded the settlement patterns of canada?
harsh environment, transportation
who makes up the majority of canada's work force
within what industry sector domost canadians work?
who greatly influenced the arts in canada?
inuit, first nations
which are the atlantic provinces?
prince edward island, new brunswick, nova scotia, newfoundland
what factors have kept the population small in the atlantic provinces?
rugged terrain, severe weather
what cultures are associated with quebec and ontarion
frech, english
near what natural landforms are the larger cities located in quebec and ontario
great lakes, st. lawrence river
which are the prairie provinces?
manitoba, saskatchewan, alberta
what resources are in the prairie provinces?
agruculture-wheat, minerals, coal, oil, natural gas
which prairie province is home to the metis?
which province and territories are included in the pacific province and territories?
British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest, nunavut
which part of the northwest territories became nunavut?
eastern half in 1999
how do the inuit make their living in nunavut?
mining, fishing, logging, hunting
what are the people of canada with mixed french and native heritage?
what are canada's native american peoples known as/
first nations
what % of people live in the core provinces?
How was the dominion of canada created?
British North America Act in 1867
what is a parlamentary government?
parlament=executive+legislative, prime miniser
what is canada the #1 exporter in?
wood and paper
what % of the people live in atlantic provinces?
why are there territories?
b/c they don't have large enough pop to be provinces
what is the capital?
ottawa, ontario
how much oil does alberta produce?
what % do the territories have?
41% land, less than 1% people
who arrived and in what year
John Cabot, 1497
officially become a country
30 mil
3.8 mil squ mi
Dominmion of canada
1867, british north america act
prime minister
head of gov
native people live
on reserves
loose political union of provines
surprise use of violence by an individual or civilian pop to achieve social or political ends
global network
world wide inter connected group
islamic terrorist group that blew up world trade centers
al Qaeda
a group of nations working together to fight terrorism
ok bombing
1995 highest casualties
political leader being targeted for killing
urban sprawl
poorly planned development grw geo than ppl
live in cities
basic facilities services
smart growth
efficient use of land
sustainable communities
live and work
big prots
Montreal, Vancouver
cultural mosaic
term to describe society compromising different cultural traditions that surviv acculturation
French Englishs
francophones, algolophones
separatist movement
secede, independent entity,
treaty of paris
1763, french and indian war
3,000 350firefighters
disaster ares
16 acres
office of homeland security
organize measures
bedroom community
sleep only
suburban housing
25% higher

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