Glossary of C Sharp Fundamentals

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C# is a strongly-typed langugage. What defines a strongly-typed language.
In a strongly-typed language you must define the type of each object you create.  The compiler enforces the data typing.
How do you explicitly convert an object of one type into another?
By casting it.
How is a reference type stored in memory?
The address of a reference type variable sits on the stack, but the actual object is stored on the heap.
How is a value type stored in memory?
Value types are stored on the stack.
List all of the unconditional branch keywords.
goto, break, continue, return, and throw
Name the four interation statements used by C#.
For, While, Do...While, and ForEach
Name the two conditional branching statements.
If...else statements and switch statements.
Name the two sets of types in C#.
Intrinsic (built-in), and user-defined.
Name two ways to create an unconditional branch.
By invoking a method or using one of the unconditional branch keywords.
What is a constant?
A constant is a variable whose value can't be changed.
What is a statement?
A program instruction.
What is a variable?
A storage location with a type.
What is an enumeration?
An enumeration is a distinct value type, consisting of a set of named constants (called the enumerator list).
What is an expression?
A statement that evaluates to a value.
What is the function of the #region preprocessor directive?
The #region preprocessor directive marks an area of code with a comment which allow tools like VS to mark off areas of code and collapse them in the editor with only the region's comment showing.
What is the heap?
The heap is an area of memory used to allocate space for objects.
What is the modulus operator's function?
To find the remainder in integer division.
What is the stack?
An area of memory supported by the processor, on which the local variables are stored.

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