Glossary of CDAE 015 Midterm 1

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refers to the use of language and images to create meaning about the world around us.
the theory of signs concerned with the ways in which things are vehicles for meaning
Reflection or copying appearance
The object itself, as opposed to its representation
a philosophy that emerged in the 19 th century, holds that scientific knowledge is the only authentic knowledge and concerns itself with truths about the world
Barthes: the truth function of the photograph
the affective element of photos - emotional content
Denotative meaning
the literal, face-value meaning of a sign
Connotative meaning
all the social, cultural and historical meanings that are added to a signs literal meaning
the shared set of values and beliefs that exist within a given society and through which individuals live out their relations to social institutions and structures… refers to the way that certain concepts and values are made to seem like natural, inevitable aspects of everyday life.
refers to a set of styles that emerged in the late 19 th and 20 th centuries that question traditions and conventions of representation in writing, architeture and the plastic arts. Modernists emphasized and exposed the materiality of form, the conditions of production.
a period of questioning of narratives, use of techniques that involve reflexivity, discontinuity and pastiche, and that speak to viewers as both jaded consumers and through self-knowing metacommunication.
the implicit rules by which meanings get put into social practice and can therefore be read by their users. Codes of social conduct, for example
the thought or mental effect produced by the relationship between the object and its representation.

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