Glossary of CDAE 015 Chapter 2 key terms

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Viewer PAGE 49
an individual who looks
Audience PAGE 50
an entity into which producers hope to mold viewers as consumers
the practice of working with whatever materials are at hand
Intervisuality pg 54
the interaction of modes of visuality - same content seen in different media forms
Producer PAGE 52
an individual maker or a plurality of creative individuals
Kitsch PAGE 57
associated with mass-produced objects that offer cheap or gaudy versions of classical beauty
a term imported from military strategy into art history to describe movements at the forefront of artistic experimentation, leading the way toward major changes.
Aesthetics PAGE 56
The branch of philosophy that deals with the nature and expression of beauty, as in the fine arts.
Taste PAGE 56
individual interpretation informed by experiences related to ones class, cultural background, education and aspects of identity
High/low culture
Terms that have traditionally been used to make distinctions about different kinds of culture. High culture distinguishes culture that only an elite can appreciate as opposed to commercially produced mass culture presumed to be accessible to lower classes.

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