Glossary of Botany 1.3

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How are taproots different from fibrous roots?
Taproots grow from one central axis and usually are dicot plants. Fibrous roots have no main axis and usually part of a monocot plant.
Humans get all resources from ___ which are supported by the ___.
Educated guess about something. Must be testable.

In plants, gametes are made from ___ cells by ___.
In primitive plants, the dominant generation is the ___.

It is assumed that all land plants probably evolved from and ancient green algea because many plants share these 4 characteristics: pigmentation
3.cell division
4. photosynthesis

Organs are ___.
A collection of tissues that together perfrm a function.
Prop roots serve as ___ and develop ___.
support;above ground
Reproductive cells in animals and plants are __
Haploid (1n)
Scientific method
A way of making sense of the natural world.
Steps of scientific method:
1. Ask a question.
2. Develop testable hypothesis
3. Design and Perform ecperiment to gather data.
4. Analyze results
5. Share/use knowledge
6. Based on results, recognize more questions.

Explains nature based on design or purpose.

The basic types of plant tissue are:
1.dermal (outer skin)
2.vascular (plumbing)
3. Ground (everything else)

The cellwall is __ of the plasma membrane and is made of __.
The four underlaying principles of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection are:
2.overproduction of offspring
4.survival to reproduce (survival of the fittest)

The interior of a cell is called ___.
The __ is the female gamete.
embryo sac
The __ plants are currently the dominant vegetation in the world.

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