Glossary of Biology Chapter 4 Ecosystems

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Day to day condition of the earth's atmosphere
Year to year conditions of a certain area on earth
environmental conditions within a small area that differs significantly from the climate of the surrounding area
Greenhouse effect
Process in which certain gases(co2, methane and water vapor) trap sunlight energy in Earth's atmosphere as heat
ability to survive and reproduce under a range of environmental circumstances
general place where an organism lives
describes what an organism does and how it interacts with abiotic and biotic factors in the environment
any necessity of life like water, nutrients, light, food or space
competitive exclusion principle
principle that states no two species can occupy exactly the same niche in exactly the same habitat at the exact same time
interaction in which one animal captures and feeds on another animal
interaction in which one animal feeds on producers(like plants)
keystone species
single species, not usually abundant in a community but has a strong control on the structure of the community
any relationship in which two species live closely together
ecological succession
a series of more or less predictable changes that occur in a community over time
primary succession
succession that occurs in an area in which no trace of a previous community is present
pioneer species
first species to colonize barren areas
secondary succession
type of succession that occurs in an area that was only partially destroyed by disturbances

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