Glossary of BUPERSINST 1430.16

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Advancement Manual for the Advancement of Enlisted Personnel of the US Navy and US Naval Reserve.
How are personnel in paygrades E1 and E2 advanced?
Personnel meeting minimum TIR requirements will be advanced automatically, without local action.
What does FMS standard for?
Final Multiple Score
What is the FMs based on?
knowledge, performance, experience factors and considers the "whole person" in its selection criteria.
What is the FMS comprised of for E7?
examination score and performance evaluations.
What is the FMS comprised of for E4 through E6?
examination score, performance evaluations, service in paygrade,awards, and previous examination performance.
How are E7 candidates designated SBE?
by competing in a Navy-wide advancement examination and meeting final multiple requirements in their rate.
How are E8 and E9 candidates desginated SBE?
on the basis of thier CO/OIC reccommendation.
Who is responsible for the convening of selection boards?
When do special enlisted selection boards, both active and reserve, convene?
Approximately 9 months after the convening date of the respective board (BUPERSINST 1401.2)
What do E6 personnel have to do to qaulify for LDO?
pass the E7 exam
How many programs are there that do not require the exam?
What does BUPERSINST 1430.17 govern?
CAP program
What governs the AAP program?
What does MILPERSMAN 1160-090 govern?
What MILPERSMAN governs AEF/ATF program?
What does MILPERSMAN 1440-010 govern?
Change in rate/rating
What does OPNAVINST 1700.11 govern?
EROY and ERROY programs

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