Glossary of BUMED INSTRUCTION 6280.1A

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waste from pt diagnosis, treatment, or immunization are subdivided into what two categories
infectious and non-infectious
what kind of setting generate,transport,store,treat,or dispose of potentially infectious material
diapers,facial tissues,and absorbent materials are what kind of waste
noninfectious waste
liquid or solid waste,sharps,microbiology waste, etc are what kind of waste
infectious waste
how do you separate infectious waste from noninfectious waste
at the point of orgin
how do you handle sharp container
the container has to be closed and put in a sec container or bag which is label/color coded
how do you package and handle anatomical waste
double-wall corrugated boxes/rigid containers that are double-lined with plastic bags
how do you handle blood, suctioned fluidsor other liquid waste
the waste may be decanted into clinical sinks unless it's prohibited by state or local regulations
the storage area for the waste should be located where
at or near the treatment or transport site
how long can you keep waste in storage without refrigeration
7 days
infectious waste treatment is achieved through what kind of destruction
incineration,heat,chemicals, radiation
for effective sterilization the temp must be maintained at
121c(250F) for 90 min at 15 psi
what is the method of treatment for microbiological
steam sterilization
chemical disinfectin
what is the method of disposal for microbiological
sanitary landfill
what is the method of treatment and disposal of pathological
incineration /cremation

sanitary landfill/burial
what is the method of treatment and disposal of bulk blood and other infectious liquid

sanitary sewer/landfill
what is the treatment and disposal of sharps in sharp containers
steam sterilization/incineration
sanitary landfill

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