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Myoblasts: A

Satellite cells: B

A: a type of progenitor cell that gives rise to monocytes.

B: in extreme case of injury they divide and make more muscle cells.

Sarcoplasmic reticulum

series of dilated, calcium storage sacs called terminal cisternae

Transverse (T) tubules
penetrate the cell
carry electric current to cell interior

Dark A bands alternating with lighter I bands

"A band" is thick filament region

"I band" is thin filament region

The length between one Z disk to another.
Elastic Filaments
Springy protein made of titin that runs through core of each thick filament
and connects thick filament to Z disc structure.

Functions of Elastic Filaments

keep thick & thin filaments aligned
resist overstretching
help the cell recoil to its resting length (elasticity)

Thick Filaments
Made of 200 to 500 myosin molecules. Arranged in a bundle with heads directed outward in a spiral array around the bundled tails.The heads found on each end with a bare zone in the middle

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