Glossary of Anthro 417 final

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Is a High Net Worth Individual, simply meaning that the person is worth a lot of money. To be exact having investable assets of above $1 million US.
Great Transition
a global effort initiated by Paul Raskin of the Tellus institute in 1995 to facilitate the construction of sustainable communities and a sustainable global system.
Planetary Society
A global society in which the world is composed of hundreds of regions based on previously existing nations, states or decentralized portions of former states. It is a hypothetical global social organization produced by a Great Transition change in cultural beliefs and practices that produce a truly sustainable global system.
UN millennium project
an initiative that focuses on research implementing the organizational means, operational priorities, and financing structures necessary to achieve the reduction of poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation, and discrimination against women
Limits to Growth
Study by William Behrens that focused on the potential for global collapse and how to prevent it. He went from 1900-2100 and we can roughly project trends. He projected that if these trends continue the system will not last until 2100. Stabilize population and economy growth
IPCC SRES scenarios
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) prepared a report on the future emission scenarios to be used for driving global models to develop climate change scenarios.
Gross National Happiness
was developed in an attempt to define an indicator that measures quality of life or social progress in more depth that GNP or GDP.
Human development index that combines health (life expectancy), education (adult literacy etc.), and standard of living (Purchase Power Parity, and income)
efforts to redesign communities in developed countries to make them more self - sufficient.
Economic growth that is powered and consumed by the wealthiest upper class of society.
Is a society that is ruled by the wealthy, or who came to power because of wealth.
Summum Bonum
The maximum human good, or the “good life” as culturally defined.
Participant intervention
A form of culture change in which those in control become members of the system they seek to change.
A Latin American agricultural estate with depen¬dent laborers that produced for local rather than global markets and was designed to maintain the social status and lifestyle of the hacendado landowner.
Tiny landholdings of the Latin American peasantry.
Basic principle of planetary society recognizing that some problems are global in nature and require global decision-making authority.
The principle that a managing body only takes on a function when a lower level body is unable to perform it.
Basic principle of planetary society that recognizes local, regional, and cultural diversity.
A hypothetical regional society in the futuristic planetary society that emphasizes shareholder-owned commercial businesses and markets, as in the Nordic Model.
A hypothetical regional society in the futuristic planetary society in which corporate businesses are owned by workers organized as a cooperative, as in the Mondragon Model.
A hypothetical regional society in the futuristic planetary society organized to maximize local self-reliance, autonomy, and ecosystem protection, as represented by many indigenous peoples and small nations.
1,2,3,4,5 is linear or Log
10, 100, 10,000, 100,000 is linear or log...
log... duh
what is the United states economy worth
13/14 trillion
population of the world is...
6.6 billion

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