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Characteristics of Neoliberalism
Free traade best way for nation\'s economy to develop
Fewer restrictions on manufacturing the better
No barriers or regulations to commerce is helpful
\"Individual\" focused concept of personhood
Often essentialized, taken to be a fixed, natural category

Political, social, economic, and cultural domination of territory and its people by foreign power for extended time
Cultural Imperialism
Advance of certain cultural forms at the expense of others

Ex. Neoliberalism as a cultural form

Process of viewing identity as established, real, and frozen, so as to hide historical processes and politics within identity developed
Hidden Transcripts vs. Public Transcripts
Hidden: Critique of power \"Offstage\", beyond view of those in control

Public: Formal interactions between dominators and those who are oppressed

Indigenized Popular Culture
Modified to fit local culture

Ex. food, music, movies, housing styles

Ex. Difference in McDonalds in China

Owners of factories, mines, large farms, or other means of productions

Working class made up of people who had to sell their labor to survive

Industrialization hastened to separation of workers from means of production
Intervention Philosophy
Mentally justifying the colonization of others
Communism vs. communism
Big C: Destroy democracy

Little c: Everything community owned, people work for common

Core, semi-periphery, periphery
Core: Dominant

Semi: Meh

Periphery: Third world

Basically socialism
Biological Citizenship in Ukraine


Born there, get healthcare

Cannibal Tours
\"White people\" had the money
BHP Billiton, Mining in Papua New Guinea
Copper and gold mine devastation

Polluted rivers, activists work for indigenous people for damages

Natives wanted their rights defended

Kayapo: Out of the Forest
Kayapo Response to the Hydro Electric Dam

Creation of new ritual, linking Kayapo communities
Alliance with white settlers
Alliance with international non-governmental organizations
Other alliances?

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