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Three ways to approach sex/gender
Gender defined as set of relationships based on biological notions of sex

Gender defines as the \"culutral construction\" of sexual difference

Gender defined as the \"performance\" of sexual difference

A discrepancy between the external genitals and the internal glands
Individuals whose gender identity contradicts their biological sex at birth and the gender identity that society assigned to them in infancy
Gender roles
The tasks and activities a culture assigns to the sex
Gender stereotypes
Oversimplifies strongly held ideas about the characteristics of males and females
Gender stratification
An unequal distribution of rewards between men and women, reflecting their different positions in a social hierarchy
Domestic-public dichotomy
Strong differentiation between the home and the outside world

Contrast between women\'s role in the home and men\'s role in public life, with a corresponding social devaluation of women\'s work and worth

Feminization of Poverty
Unequal gender based distribution of/access to resources
Females, especially mothers, have the central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and responsibility for property

Social system in which the males, especially fathers, have central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and property
\"Because soup was too salty\"
Polish anti-domestic violence campaign
Rose the Riveter
Famous picture encouraged women to get jobs, women in the work force, expanded from there
Cynthia Enloe \"Mundane Matters\"
Use everyday life to understand politics and operation of power

Can\'t just focus on big events

What does Geertz mean by the concept of Deep Play?
Really involved in something
Lose mind sort of

Used term of economics and money is exchanged

Creates masculinity

Rapport story relate to the lecture on religion
White people ran after cops showed up at cock fight. Was rite of passage.

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