Glossary of Animal Science 121

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what are the three primary areas of production?
1. Cow/Calf
2. Stocker
3. Feedlot



where did cattle come from?
Bos Taurus

Bos Primigenius= Aurochs (primary descendant to cattle)

what are cattles taxonomic Family?
Bovidae or Bovine
In the US cattle we imported from Europe, who were the most early immigrants?
Columbus, Cortex, and Pilgrims
Why were cattle brought to the US?
Draft Animals
What does ADG stand for?
Average Daily Gain
What is Beef Check Off?
Producer initiated "tax" for marketing.
what does Bovine mean?
Animals related to cows.
What does Dark Cutter mean?
Meat Darkened due to stress prior to slaughter.
What does EPD stand for?
Expected Progeny Difference
What is Fed Cattle?
Steers or Heifers fed concentrates to slaughter.
What is Free Martin?
Sterile female fraternal twins of male cows.
What does Polled mean?
Naturally Hornless cattle.
what is an Ox?
Old steer, with horns, for draft purposes.
What is a Steer?
A castrated male cow for meat production.
what is a stocker?
Heifer or Steer designed for slaughter.
what is Veal?
Meat from cattle less than 4 months old and was milk fed.
What is a Heifer?
female before parturition...before she has dropped a calf.
What are some issues involving the production of meat?
1. Manure Management-CAFO
2. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy-BSE
3. Influenza
4. Food Safty

which country has the highest population of cattle?
India, and they are not processed.
What is the definition of Maternal Breeds?
Better mothers, produce more milk, characteristics for good reproduction.
what is the definition of Dual Purpose Breeds?
okay at everything, but master of none. Good at birthing, and good marbling.
What is the definition of Terminal Breeds?
Good Market traits, Good meat cuts, and good conformation.
What is the definition of Bos Indicus Breeds?
They are indian cattle or Brahman, they come from a different group of animals and are very resistant to heat, disease and parasites.
What are some British Breeds?
Angus, Hereford, Polled Hereford, Red Angus, and Shorthorn.
What are some Continental Breeds?
Chianina, Charolais, Limousin, Maine-Anjou, Simmental, and Longhorn.
What are the Bos Indicus Breeds?
Brahman, Brangus, Simbrah, Santa Gertrudis, and Beefmaster.
What are the Maternal breeds of Cattle?
Angus, Hereford, and Shorthorn.
What are the terminal breeds of cattle?
Charolais, Chianina, Limousin, and Maine-Anjou.
What are the Dual Purpose Breeds of Cattle?
Saler, and Simmental
what is the breeding age for heifers?
14-19 months
283 days or 9 months plus....
what are some castration methods?
Surgery, Burdizzo, Elastrator, and chemical injection.
What are the methods for dehorning?
Hot Iron, Cutter, Chemicals, Dehorning spoon.
what is the definition of Bull?
Male Cow, un-casturated male.
what is the definition of Cow?
The mature female of a bovine animal.
What is the definition of Cow/Calf?
The young of a domestic cow or other bovine animal--breeding
What is the definition of Stocker?
A young steer or heifer that is fed chiefy pasture or other roughage prior to more intensive feeding.
what is the definition of Feedlot?
A plot of ground near a stockyard where livestock are gathered to get fattened up for market.
what is the definition of Dressing Percent?
Live Animal weigh Vs. Carcass Weight.
what is the age at harvest for cows?
14-18 months
what is the live weight at harvest for a cow?
1,250 lbs
What is the average carcass weight of a cow?
750 lbs.
what is the Dressing percent of a cow?
what is the age at puberty for bulls?
9-10 months
what is the age at puberty for heifers?
13-15 months
what is the estrous cycle length for heifers?
21 days
what is the estrus cycle duration?
6-24 hours
what is the age at first parturition?
2 years.
whast is the age at second parturtion?
3 years.
Name the 4 compartments of the ruminant stomach?
1. Rumen
2. Reticulum
3. Omasum
4. Abomasum

what is a castrated male called?
A Wether.
what is a Jug?
A Nursery
what is the Bradford or Englsh?
its a system to grade wool developed by the English.
What is a Micron?
Ti tells how thick the wool is, and is the newest system for grading wool.

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