Glossary of American Gov. 08

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The nation\'s Founders envisioned Congress as the first and
most powerful branch of government
Trhoughout much of the 20th Century, Congress ceded leadership
Presiden and the executive branch
Even though the President is the \"Commander-in-Chief\' of the armed forces, only Congress can
declare war
Congress\' real power in both domestic and foreighn policy centers on its pwer over federal taxinga nd spending, also called the
power of the purse
The veto is the President\'s most powerful weapon when
dealing with the Congress
Congress passed the War Powers Act in 1973 to ______ the presidential war-making powers.
Most policy initiatives originate in the
White House and various departments of the executive branch
To prevent Congress from passing bills they oppose, presidents may use
the threat of a veto
The constitution originally put _____ limits on the number of terms a president could serve.
The President\'s authority over the executive branch is constitutionally very
The ______ is the single most important policy statement of any government.
Government coporations resemble private corporations in that they typically
charge for their services
Despite the popular impression that policy is decided by the president and congress and merely implemented by the federal bureaucracy, in fact, policy is also made by the
The department that advises the President on the formation and execution of foreign policy is the Department of
The rule-making process for federal agencies, first passed in 1946, is prescribed by an
Administrative Procedures Act
In order to esetablish a system for selecting governmental personnel on merit, Congress pass the Pendleton Act in 1883, which created the
Civil Service Commission
The US Supreme Court is the only court established by the
US Constitution
Judicial self-restraint and activism are
conflicting ideas
Laws made by acts of Congress or state legislatures, as opposed to constitutional law are called
statutory laws
In the 1997 case of Clinton v. Jones, the Supreme Court
rejected the notion of presidential immunity from civil claims arising from actions outside of the president\'s official duties
The judicial principle which means that the issue has already been decided in earlier cases is known as
stare decisis
The power of a court to hear a case in question is a court\'s
The twelve appellant courts that make up the middle level of the federal court system are the
circut courts
People must create laws and governments to protect their freedom, bu the laws and governments themselves restrict freedom. This is the law
Classic dilemma of free government
The original intent of the bill of Rights was to limit the powers of
Only the federal government
Beginning in the 1920s, the Supreme Court handed down a long series of decisions that gradually incorporated almost all of the protections of the Bill of Rights into the \"liberty\" guaranteed against state actions by
Teh Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment
In interpreting religious freedom, the Supreme Court has distinquished between beliefs and ____________
religious practices

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