Glossary of Agnosia Case Comparison

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Hypothesis to Michael's damage:
damage to occipital lobes - greater on the right, damage of forward traveling what pathway of the temporal (what) lobe
Neuropsych deficits of Michael:
visual object agnosia
autobiographical retrograde agnsoia

John types of agnosia:
integrative - trouble integrating parts into wholes
John hypothesis to problem:
lesion on visual association cortex on both sides: trouble integrating parts into whole
Neruopsych deficts of John:
cannot read
poor spatial recognition
no unconc knowledge

Larry proposed agnosia:
assoicative agnosia: block between visual processing and concisious semantic knowledge
Larry hypo to prob:
damage to limbic system import for learning new faces and emotional response to faces
Neruopsych probs with Larry:
poor perception
doesen't recognize self/prosopagnosia
unconc recongition - possible assoicative agnosia
lack emotion to sight

Janet's damage:
Right parietal lobe lesion
Janet neurpsych deficits:
neglect left side of body
has constructional apraxia
cannot copy

Nerupsych tests and results used on Janet:
below avg on arithmetic and digit span b/c cannot do mental manip of mental space of numbers - cannot see left side
visual hemineglect, motor neglect
extinction: inability to act on left side

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