Glossary of ARs and FMs

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What FM covers: Military Leadership and Counseling
FM 22-100
What FM covers: Training the Force
FM 7-0
What FM covers: Battle Focused Training
FM 7-1
What AR covers: Awards and Decorations
AR 600-8-22
What AR covers: Salutes, Honors, Courtesy
AR 600-25
What AR covers: Army Community Service
AR 608-1
What AR covers: Army Continuing Education Service
AR 621-5
What AR covers: Army Emergency Relief
AR 930-4
What AR covers: American Red Cross
AR 930-5
What AR covers: Equal Opportunity
AR 600-20 Ch 6
What AR covers: Army Retention Program
AR 601-280
What AR covers: Sponsorship Program
AR 600-8-8
What AR covers: Army Substance Abuse Program
AR 600-85
What AR covers: Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers
AR 215-1
What FM covers: Drill and Ceremony
FM 3-21.5
What FM covers: Military Justice (158 Articles)
FM 27-10
What FM covers: NBC
FM 3-11
What FM covers: M16A2
FM 3-22.9
What FM covers: Map Reading/Land Nav
FM 3-25.26
What FM covers: Military Symbols
FM 21-30
What FM covers: First Aid
FM 4-25.11
What FM covers: Physical Training
FM 21-20
What AR covers: NCOER
AR 623-305

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