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neutrality acts
1. embargo on war mats to beligerent countries
2. non-war mats sold cash-n-carry
3. US citizens may not travel on ships of bell. countries loans to any countries @ war

cash and carry policy
no shipments made and can only be bought with cash
collective security
quarentine speech
censor press
abolish political parties
propaganda campaign
extreme nationalism

Benito Mussolini
"black shirts"-militia
:killed ppl who spoke of communism

1922 il duce of italy (primier)

1935- taken by italy

appeasement and containment
if we keep it centralized, it wont spread
Adolf Hitler
-leader of NAZIs
-1923- stages coupe
-tried for treason
-5 years- only 9 months served
-writes Mein Kampf (my struggles in german) in jail- speaks of hatred
1933- chancellor (sole power)

National Socialist German Workers Party
enabling act
hitler becomes dicator of Germany
hitler junge (youth)
solagns, chants, propaganda through youth
nuremberg laws
1.reich citizenship law
"subject"= jews
2.Law for the protection of german blood and honor
--prohibits sexual relations w/ jews & germs, no marriage

anti-comintern pact
anti-communism act between german and japan
tripartite pact
rome berlin tokoyo

"axis powers"

"living space"-hitler
hitler wants the southern land for living space (n. czech)

1938- invades and takes

lightening war
bombs form above then tanks for the ground
joseph stalin
joseph djugashvili
secretary of the bullshevecks
became Stalin
1938- forcable indust. on Russia

10 year non-aggresison pact
russia 1939

divided europe into who wants what

axis powers
germany, italy, japan
allied powers
russia, us, england
selective service act of 1940
the draft
lend-lease act of 1941
up to the pres to lend or lease any mats to countries
winston churchill
prime minister of UK
battle of stalingrad
final battle
russia stops germ

greater east asia co-prosperity sphere
japans quest for empire
japan takes china (manchuria)
stimson doctrine
non recognition of forced territorial changes
pearl harbor
dec 7 1941

arizona first attacked
uss oklahoma 2nd

revenue act of 1942
45% taxes
war bonds
finance military during war
sold by girl/boy scouts
advertised thru hollywood

war production board
donald nelson
1.anit-trust laws stopped
2.low cost loans
3. cost plus contracts
garauntees profit

national war labor board
keeping biz happy
benefits to workers-> overtime $
office of production management
purchasing management
office of price admin
price freezes
blue & red books
coupons for food

committee for public info

rosie the riveter
"wa can do it"

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