Glossary of AGD Founders2

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First Founder
Phi Beta Kappa

Marguerite Shepard
First editor of quarterly
Estelle Shepard Beswick
First prez alpha chapter
First grand prez
First to wear badge

Jennie Titus Smith Morris
Editor of quarterly 2 years
Historian 18 years
Georgia Dickover
2nd prez of Alpha Chapter
Ethel Brown Distin
Wrote "initiation song" and "autumn tints"
mother of first AGD baby
Edith MacConnell
Chapter pianist
importance of music in ritual
Flora Knight Mayer
AGD First Missionary
Mary Louise Snider
Weekend parties
Installed Gamma Chapter at Wesleyan Univ.

Grace Mosher Harter
First Business manager of quarterly
Georgia Otis Chipman
Designed and wrote explanation of Armorial Bearings
Wrote purpose
Emily Helen Butterfield

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