Glossary of ABeka History 11 - Chapter 8 - People

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Thomas Jefferson
first secretary of state under Washington; Vice President under Adams; President from 1801 to 1809; opposed expanding powers of federal government and favored states' rights.
Alexander Hamilton
first secretary of the treasury; set America on sound financial footing
Henry Knox
first secretary of war
Edmund Randolph
first attorney general
Samuel Osgood
first postmaster general
John Jay
first chief justice of the Supreme Court; sent by Washington to negotiate a treaty with the British to avoid war
John Marshall
prominent American who was sent by Adams as part of a three-man peace commission to negotiate with the French government; appointed chief justice of the Supreme Court by Adams
Edmond Genet
French diplomat sent to enlist American aid; planned an expedition from American soil against Spanish-held territory in North America and licensed privateers to attack British shipping
Thomas Pinckney
sent by Washington to negotiate a treaty with Spain in 1795
Anthony Wayne
general whose forces decisively defeated the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794
Aaron Burr
a senator from New York; Vice President under Jefferson
Napoleon Bonaparte
overthrew the Director in France and made himself dictator of that nation; agreed to a treaty with the United States

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