Glossary of A320 Simulator or Line Check notes

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On engine failures the QRH leads you to open the fuel cross feed valve.
When would you NOT do this?
if no reason to suspect a fuel leak
Engine Failure. You are directed to turn off the autothrust after setting good engine to MCT.
Why do you do this?
How do you do it?
When would you not do it?
in order to be assurred of MCT on good engine for drift down.

pushing the autothrust p/b on the throttle lever

if engine failure occurs in descent where you would NOT want MCT to be applied.
on a back-course approach do you push the approach p/b when cleared for the approach?
NO! under no circumstances. No push buttons are pushed on the 320
What is the international vocal call on rt indicating serious problem on board the a/c?

How many times?
pan pan pan

three times
When in alternate law, in some a/c, when landing gear selected down what will happen if mode is not done?

If mode is done what will happen when gear down?

How can you tell if mode was done?
Will go into direct law

will stay in alternate law

see if the gear Cb's have yellow collars. If not, the mode was done.
Can TC fail you if the PF moves the flap lever?

unless pilot incapacitation or other compelling reasons.
if approaching with only one engine going, to what must you refer in QRH?
the appoach with one engine checklist.
if going to level off during the approach you must use flaps configuration three.
debrief by ludwig
before flight ensure check?
should you listen to idents?
what is call when starting an engine?
sup manual for differences
oeb's in QRH
"STARTing #1(2)"
if see difference a lot between V1 And V2 when putting them into the FMGC must include to point that out when?
during the briefing
must you call "stable" on T/O?
other than instument check do you have to veralize cockpit check?


what call did you miss on T/O?

use what when doing the safety check?
Who does the alternate brake check?
the QRH

PNF before the walk around
do you turn off or on the APU during refueling?

do you include infants in pax weight? unless?

More than 10% of pax

FOB's change to what in supp binder?
T/R's are transmitted into the ? as ?
to FOM's

the QRH as critical OEB's

fixed speed decent ETOPS we use what on 320?
instead of what?
320 knots and mach .78

350 knots and mach .80

if a GPS airplane where do you find out its status?

can you deselect GPS?
from DATA or PROG page


when do you switch between Nav LOGO positions?
between walk arounds

center tank pumps must you turn them off if no fuel in them?
If no fuel in them in the air, must you turn them off?
on ground only

simulator graham ingham dec/04
can you go too fast from flex to toga?
sim dec 04 graham
is there a 70 knot call-out on a reject?
sim dec/04 graham

speed corrections are always added to ?

got an SB for this
sim dec/04 graham

controls problem always to to what speed right away?
Ian bond did this but later selected managed .Is this OK?

do not go back to managed

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