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Which munitions element act as the focal point for daily reconciliation of munitions expenditures and tracking missile flying hours
Munitions Control
The initial goal of a base recall is to ?
account for all personnel
All explosive mishap and Dull Sword reporting is coordinated thorugh which office?
Base Safety Office
If primary, spare, and control keys to munitions storage areas are issued, when must a key inventory be performed?
At the end of each shift.
You should audit keys, locks, and cylinders how often?
The agency initianting a change to the weekly flying schedule routes the 2407 through whom?
Affected production superintendent
used to complete operational and self test of AGM88
What documents are used to report a transportation Discrepancy Report?
SF 361 and Joint Message Form
What container and submunitions does the CBU 97 use?
SUU-66 and 10 BLU 108's
What is the difference between the CBU 87/B and the CBU89/B
THe CBU89 does not have canted fins.
What container and submunitions does the CBU89 use?
SUU64, 72BLU91's and 22BLU92's
What CBU comes from the manufacture equiped with a dummy FZU-39 proximity sensor?
What container and submunitions does the CBU87 use?
SUU65 and 202 BLU97's
What is required before and air to ground fuze will detonate?
Sudden acceleration
What fuze is used with the GBU15?
FMU 143/B
What charges are used with the BDU 33?
MK4 MOD3-Uses smokeless red phosphorous (Hot Spot)

CXU-3A/B- (cold spot) used when there is a danger of fire

What type of fin configureation can you use with an FMU 54 series fuze in an M117 GP bomb?
Retarding Fin
When do you remove the sealing wire from an M904 nose fuze?
just prior to take off.
What prinicple of detonation does the proximity fuze use?
Height of function
What dirve assembly does the M905 tail fuze use?
What adapter booster?

T46 adapter booster

What adapter booster does the M904 fuze require when installed on a MK80 series bomb?
How doe you set the disired arming time on a M904 nose fuze?
a calibrated dial
What time delay does the M904 nose fuze use?
How does an individual satisfy the job knowledge portion of OJT?
completing CDC's
How many components does the AF OJT program consist of ?
3-Job knowledge, job proficiency, and job experience.
FMU152 or FMU 139

What color is 25mm dummy ammo?
The penetrating action of a shape charge is the result of?
a shock wave and a jet of gas
How doe you achieve an airbust with a general purpose bomb?
use a time action HE train
How are rockets classified?
according to their purpose and filler
What condition is necessary for an explosive to detonate rather than deflagrate?
Explain the Munroe effect
a method of manipulating the shape of an explosive charge and the distance between the charge and the target to gain a greater penetrating effect.
How do we classify 30mm?
According to the purpose for whih it is designed
How are 25mm rounds packaged?
bulk is packaged in either 80 or 100 round configurations.
Which test set comes with 6 portable containers and is used on the flightline to check laser guided bombs?
What are examples of PL4 resources?
Facilities storing Cat I,II,III sensitive conventional arms, ammunitions, and explosives, and AF accounting and vault areas.
What type of target is th AGM 154/B used against? 154/A?
B=hardened armor targets
A=many different targets
WGU12 or WGU39
MK84 or BLU109

The minimum distance between PES's to prevent one PES from simultaneously detonating an adjacent PES.
Intermagazine distance
the MAU169 consists of what?
a detector, computer, and control section
Explain a major defect
a defect other than critical that is likely to result in failure during use.
Explain etching
Damage where the surface is marked with lines but no pits are visable.
When determining sample size what takes precidence?
-10 takes precidence over item TO
What is the purpose of the munitions surveillance program?
To provide the user a high degre of confidence that munitions have not been adversely affected by the enviroment, storage conditions, age or use.
What form is used to reccomend changes to policies and procedures? IAW what TO?
AF Form 22 IAW 00-5-1
How often should you open and close a high security lock?
Every 30 days.
What is the effective range of an AGM88?
30 Miles
How much dirt is used to cover and igloo?
at least 24 inches.
The guidance system allows the JSOW to hit targets at a distance of up to how many miles?
What do you inspect first during an initial inspection of an inbound shipment?
vehicle seals
What are the two catagories of igloos?
standard and nonstandard
BLU109 or MK84
MAU169 or MAU209

When must an inspector perform a periodic inspection during a shipping inspection?
If due within one year
What serves as the foundation of the munitions surveillance program?
Periodic inspection
How is job proficiency obtained?
This is hands on training provided on the job.
How is job experience gained?
During and after upgrade training.
Minimum permissible distance between PES's and public highways or railroad lines
public traffic route distance
What is the safety feature of the M505 fuze?
The fuze is bore safe
What is the purpose of the bourrelet?
it acts as a forward bearing surface to prevent the projectile from wobbling as it passes through the bore.
What do the other chemicals in the double-base propellant do?
They minimize smoke and flash, increase stability, and permit uniform loading during manufacture.
What prevents gas from escapin past the projectile when a round is fired?
The rotating band
Explain Hygroscopicity.
the moisture-absorbing property of an explosive.
Explain Deflagration
the tendancy of a substance to burn with a rapid and sparkling combustion.
What is the rate of transformation for low explosives? High Explosives?
Low explosives=up to 1300 fps

High explosives=3200 to 28000fps

What is the explosive power of TNT?
creates pressure of more than 100 tons per square inch.
Who appoints the senior munitions inpector?
Munitions Flight Chief
What type of warhead does the GBU39 use?
Advanced penetrator
What is the camparative yardstick we use to measure explosive power?
What type of fuze is teh M505A3? what is it used on?
Impact 30mm HEI
Is a target practice round MT or inert?
the projectile is inert the cartidge is live
What are the combat effects of HEI rounds?
A combined explosive and incendiary effect
Name the two uses of dummy ammo.
Testing feeder assemblies and for drill.
WHat is the SAPHEI PGU-28 series round used for?
Aircraft and light material targets.
How is an API round detonated?
On impact.
What fuze does the HEI M56 series 20mm round use?
How do we classify 20mm?
By purpose
What type of propelent does 30mm use?
double base
What is the 30mm cartridge case made of?
What produces teh heat and incediary effects of the API 30mm round?
target friction
What are the two purposes of the fumer charge in the API and the APIT 30mm rounds?
Reduce air drag during flight to the target and to give a visible trace of the flight path.
What is the difference between the Aerojet and the Honeywell HEI rounds?
The areojet has two plastic rotating bands, but the Honeywell only has one.
What is the standard shipping document printed out of CAS when a shipment is cut?
The distances provide the minimum ammount of protection to activities associated with explosives.
Intraline distance
What container is used with the JSOW? How many can it hold?
The largest quantity of explosives expected to explode at one time when an item is in a stack or group involved in a fire.
Maximum Credible Event
What air to ground guided munition has the capability to shut off the R.M and seperate it from the warhead.
DD form 1575/1575-1
Suspended tag

What WRM program allows for the rapid movement of critical munitions assets from one region to another as priorities or circumstances dictate?
Afloat Prepositioned Fleet
What document does teh ACP use to record the allocation decision?
Detailed Logistics Allocation Report
What is the most comman type of munitions igloo?
Standard earth covered.
How many of what weapon can the CNU660/E hold?
4 GBU-39/B's
A small diameter weapon used in adverse weather with strike capabilities from very low or very high altitudes.
used to test AGM-65's
What type of guidance is so successful it is used on air to ground and guided bombs?
What guidance does the AGM88 use?
passive broadband RF
You can use the AN/DSM-157 in place of what/
DSM-99 and DSM100
What test set is called the CMBRE
How long do you have to repair erosion damage to an igloo?
AN/DSM-129 test set
projects optical image for AGM-65 A/B/H
How many feet of cleared vegetation should be maintained around igloo ventilators as a fire break
DD form 1574/1574-1

Explain a regrouped lot
Formed when two or more lots of the same model or type are combined to form one lot, for convenience when storing or transporting items.
Explain a Functional Lot
A quantity of two or more types of cartridges packed in an authorized combination. Combat loads.
What form is used to reflect changes to the weekly flying schedule?
AF IMT 2407
Explain an assembled LOT
a designator assigned when two or more munitions are assemble to form a complete round (operational configuration).
Explain Service life
the ammount of time an item can remain installed in operating configuration
Who appoints accountable officers?
Responsible wing or group commanders.
What was designed and tested to increase the explosive storage capacity of limited NEW igloos, without increasing quantity distance seperation requirments?
Buffered storage
What provides the means for a competent authority to direct the inspection of munitions to meet a specific requirment?
special inspection
Explain the difference of the AGM-65 /A and /B guidance
The /B seeker magnifies the target
What does the seeker platform assembly do in the WGU-12 and WGU-39?
it "looks" for reflected laser light signal.
What is the minimum allowable distance between a nonrelated inhabited building and an explosive location?
Inhabited building distance.
MAU169 or MAU209

How often should High security locks be cleaned and lubricated?
semi annually
What A/C is the AGM114 used with?
Name the 4 types of tracking energy used in modern missiles?
light, electro opitcal, radar, and GPS
Which AGM65 only launches from the LAU117?
When lubricating locks how often should you put grease or oil into lock cylinders?
What type of R/M's are used in our missile porpulsion systems?
single stage, solid propellant
What TO covers certifying MT containers/
DD form 1577-2/1577-3
unservicable (repairable)

Name the two types of control surfaces
fixed and movable.
what inspections require the use of TO 11A-1-53?
Shipping and preuse
What is the primary means of requesting and allocating munitiosn required for training and operational needs?
Annual munitions forcast
Explain the purpose of the photodiode in the AGM65 seeker unit.
it senses the sunlight if the camera is pointed toward the sun and closes the sun shutter preventing damage to the vidicon.
What is the source document used to record particular inspections and completion of TCTO actions?
Explain a Pseduo lot.
used to locally assign lot numbers to facilitate managment of assets that were never assigned a lot # at manufacture.
Explain a local lot.
assigned to servicable munitions where ot identity has been lost or cannot be determined.
What test set is used for field testing all laser guided bomb CCG's?
What is the source document for explosives capacities and controls for each facility in a munitiosn storage area?
Explosive site plan.
At what temp will fire breaks close?
155 to 165 degrees
How do we classify 25mm ammo?
what A/C fires 25mm rounds? with what cannon?
AC-130 gunship

GAU12/U cannon

Which lot number is the one that is used to control a complete round of 20mm?
the lot number stenciled on the side of the projectile.
What is the maximum amount of explosives and the distance between them and other explosives, facilities, public roads, fuel storage areas, runways, and aircraft parking areas for given protection refers to what?
Quantity distance
What type of guidance system does the AGM130 use?
Explain the different AGM65 guidances.
A and B=TV
H/K=TV with improved seeker

What guidance does the AGM130-1 employ?
What guidance does the AGM130-2 employ?
How many of what bomblets does the AGM154/B contain?
6 BLU108's
What is the one difference between the components of a 20mm round and a 25m round?
The 25mm round has an ignition booster to ensure consistent propellant ignition.
Which 25mm round uses the M115 percussion primer?
They all do.
used to test AGM154, AGM158, GBU31, GBU32, AIM9X
What is the most secure way of installing a hasp?
FMU143 or FMU152

provides simulated IR targets for AGM65 D/G/K
How many modes of operation does the TTU-373 have?
FMU139 or FMU152

WHat is the primary causes for munitions shortages?
Poor forecasting and understanding of requirments
How many of what bomblets does the AGM154A contain?
145 BLU97's
DD form 1577/1577-1
unservicable (condenmed)

FMU139 or FMU152

What provides electical power in the FMU139 A/B fuze?
FZU48/B initiator
What provides electical power in the FMU143 series fuze?
FZU-32/B initiator
Which dispensers use the FZU39/B proximity sensor?
SUU64, SUU65, SUU66
WHat is volatility?
the tendency of a substance to produce vapors.
What is brisance?
the shattering or fragmentation effect of explosives.
What capability does the FMU152/B provide?
hardened target capability that provides safing, inflight cockpit selection and arming.
what are the function height settings for the FZU39/B?
ranges from 300 to 3000 ft.
what term do we use to discribe the instantaneous burning of an explosive?
what is meant by explosive toxicity?
an explosives poisonous characteristics.
what provides the rotational force required to arm the M905 fuze?
ATU35 series drive assembly
How can a MK82 bomb produce a mining or penetrating effect?
By using delayed action fuze.
What is the BLU109/b penetrator bomb capable of doing?
it can penetrate 4-6 ft of reinforced concrete
What safety device is normally installed at the time of manufacture?
safety blocks.
What is the payload of the M129e2 750lb bomb?
propaganda leaflets
What device does the external appearance of the M129 resemble?
750lb GP bomb M117
How do we classify fuzes?
By their position, action, and method of arming
WHat are teh economic requirmenents for military explosives?
Raw materials must be cheap and plentiful and the manufacturing process must be relatively cheap, simple, and safe. Raw materials must not be vital to otehr phases of the war effort.
What is the NEW of the MK84?
How much of the assembled bomb weight is the explosive charge?
approximately 45 percent
Which conical fin does the M117 use?
Which air-inflatable fin does the M117 use?
BSU-93/B fin
Which Mk80 series bomb weights approximately 500 lbs
What happens when you increase the stand off distance of an explosive?
Its penetrating capability is increased
For waht type of target are the BLU91/B bomlets designed?
Which CBU series is considered to be wind corrected?
What are the two penetrator bombs the air force uses?
BLU109 and BLU113
What is the major difference between the CBU89/B and the CBU87/B?
Physically the same except the 89 doesnt ahve canted fins, and explosive bolt, and it utilizes the SUU64 dispenser.
What parachute deployment cartidge is used with the BDU38/B?
The CCU-11 parachute deployment cartidge.
What practice bomb simulates the Mk82 high drag bomb?
What live item does teh BDU56/B simulate?
What live item does the BDU50 simulate?
For what purpose does the air force use practice bombs?
Low cost air and ground crew training devices.
What is the payload of the MJU-1/B bomb?
various types of chaff.
WHat fuze doe we normally use with the BLU109 and BLu113 seies bombs?
FMU 143
Explain the function of the AN/PSM-37
Troubleshoot electrical circuits.
What is the turning radius of the MHU-141 trailer?
200in or 40 degrees in either direction
What must you install when using the M-10 adapters with the MHU141 trailer/
3 horizontal stabilizer bars
What PSI is used for safe efficient operation of Pneumatic tools?
What is the lifting capacity of the MJ-1 lift truck iwth the bomb rollers attached?
What is the maximum capacity of an MHU83 lift truck using the fork adapter assembly?
Compressed air has cuased injuries at what minimum amount of air pressure.
10 to 15 psi
Which piece of powered equipment can supply pneumatic power to the MAC?
What is the actual length of a 40ft trailer?
List 2 examples of common multipurpose test equipment that do not require certification?
What is the maximum capacity of a pair of rail extenders?
Which tester is currently used to test circuits on the AIM9, 7, 120 missile systems?
What are the lenght tolerances for the cable type load binders?
Between 85-75in min to 87 in max
What types of A/C are normally used for DOD shipments?
C17 or C130 A/C
What adjustments can you make on the cradle or boom of the MHU83?

Which direction must Mk82 Bombs face on an MHU141 trailer?
either front or back
How many chocks are required to load the max quanity of cluster bombs on a MHU 141 trailer?
What is the max # of AIM9L missiles you can load on the MHU141 trailer using m10 adapter assembles?
Which direction are the lugs pointing on the SUU25 dispenser loaded on an MHU141 trailer?
What is the max number of AIM120 missiles you can load on the MHU141 trailer using the M10 adapter assemblies?
Which TO contains info on the MHU141 trailer?
State the maximum load capacity of the MHU141 trailer?
How are bombs with BSU50 fins positioned on the MHU110 trailer?
NOse to Tail
Which direction should MK82 bombs face when loaded on an MHU110 trailer using the chocks and trollys?
Nose to Nose
What is the max# of GBU12's you can load on an MHU110 trailer?
What is the max # of SUU25 dispensers you can load on the MHU110 trailer?
State the maximum load capacity of the MHU110 trailer?
15000 lbs
Which adapter booster do we use with the M904 fuze?
T45 Adapter Booster
What do you do when you find an M156 WP warhead is leaking its filler?
Immerse it in water and notify EOD.
What is the purpose of the Rocket nozzle throat?
It limits the flow of gas and thereby maintains pressure while the rocket propellent burns.
What type of sensor is the DSU33?
Doppler Ranging Radar Poximity Sensor
Which publication covers general guidance and safe lifting procedures for lifting devices?
AFOSH 91-46
Which TO authorizes you to use two CGU-1/B straps for one MB-1 tie down assembly?
TO 11N-45-51C
Which TO contains info on the MHU110 trailer?
Which TO provies guidance on the loading of conventional and or nuclear weapons on HCU-6/E aircraft pallets?
Which publication governs the use of protective equipment for an Air Compressor/
AFOSH Standard 91-501
Which TO covers the UAL?
Which To gives a full discription of the replenisher?
Which TO provides info on which placard to use?
Which TO contains specific information ont he MAC?
How many openings are on the deck of the MHU226 trailer?
What is the maximum load capacity of the MHU226 trailer?
How many storage boxes are on the MHU226 trailer?
What are the 3 types of trailers you may encounter?
vans, flat bed, rollerized
What is the turning radius of the bobtail/
What special equipment is required to load SUU65 dispensers onto a 40ft trailer?
6 load binders
6 10000 psi chains
Which container is used to house the 30m ammo in link tube carriers?
What is the towing capacity of the MB4 tug?
Name the tow 30mm ammo loading systems currently being used by the AIr Force.

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