Glossary of 2006 ABH1 exam

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what manuals may aid in the familiarization with each type of aircraft that rescue personnel may encounter?
1)aircraft CCIDS
2)airframe manuals
3)NATOPS flight manuals
4)training on actual equipment during procedural drills
what are the aircraft danger areas?
1)engines running
what areas of the engine may cause danger during a rescue?
4)rotor blades
what areas of armament may be of danger during rescue?
what are pyrotechnics?
flares and other devices
what about the tires would cause concern during a rescue effort?
the possiblity of blow-out danger
which enter method provides the most effective and expeditious manner into the aircraft for rescue of personnel?
the normal access doors
in many cases where is the emergency release located on the door?
in the interior at the hinge side of the door
what color is the pull handle painted on the emergency release?
what are the three types of canopies?
1)the hinge
2)the sliding
3)the clamshell
of the three types of canopies which offers the greatest ease in rescue of personnel?
the sliding type
what tool carried in the crash rescue tool kit is most satifactory tool for cutting acrylic plastic?
the contour blade hand axe
what should be applied to the the surface of acrylic plastic to cause for easier breakage and embrittlement?
carbon dioxide (CO2)

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