Glossary of 1st history test. spring 2010

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some believe that extremes of wealth and poverty can cause
problems in society
------ was extremely bad
pollution was extremely bad thanks to which three things
industrialization, effected water, and the air
------ and ----- reforms are different
radical and liberal
what idea fit with american beliefs and mean that everyone was on their own.
laisez faire
---- equals laisez faire in the ----- and wanted to continue with -----

who was the moral leader of the country
henry ward beecher
who said that "god intended for the great to be great, and the little to be little"
henry ward beecher
natural selection, survival of the fittest, the idea from the animal world and apply to society is known as...
conservative darwainism
what was hubert spencer against?
public schools and government corrintine for diseases
this idea was everywhere
popular conservatism
who was an extremely popular childrens author who wrote rags to riches stories
horatio alger
was america dependent on labor in industrial america?
totally dependent
did they have long hours?
extremely long hours
how much did labor workers get paid a year, and how many hours did they work a week
500 dollars a year
60 hours a week
labor workers began to form----
how many separate unions had to be organized and for whom?
skilled and unskilled workers
did the trade/national labor union do well?
no it failed
was the trade union skilled or unskilled workers?
which union was involved with a strike that tried to bring together all of the workers, and went violent
industrial union-knights of labor
which labor organization is a national org that has lasted to this day
american federation of labor
who was the first president of the american federation of labor, and had to be re elected every year
samuel gampers
what was the reason why the american federation of labor lasted and focused only on skilled workers, organized elite.
conservative unionism
what does deflation mean
falling prices
the us was in deflation from ---- to ----
the 1870s to the 1890s
deflation benefits people who
loan money
deflation murdered
the amount of money available affected...
everything expanded but...
what does defacto mean?
in fact
everything called a dollar is ------ in gold
everything called a dollar is redeemable in gold is known as what act?
gold standard act 1879
limited amount of ----- could be ----
debtors need...
what does inflation mean?
prices to go up
huge amounts of ---- were available
more money leads to
required gov. to millions amounts of silver every month and turn it into silver
sherman silver purchase act
went after state govs first
the grange
people because a ---- group aiming to help ----
the grange showed that farmers could....
claimed 5 million members. formed a new party- the populist party
farmers alliance
the sub treasury system was a...
warehouse storage center
the subtreasury system helped to hold crops...
off market
there was free unlimited ------ with gold
coinage of silver
what was ceceptable to influence by money?
the direct election of us senators
who won the election of 1892?
benjamin harrison and grover cleveland
which religion is dominant?

trust means the same as
how many men were on the board of trustees?
the trust was pioneered by who?
john d rockafeller
how many different companies were there?
the 9 men had how much control?
total control
every contract combination in the form of trust or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several states, or with foreign nations is hereby declared to be illegal
the sherman anti-trust act
did the sherman anti trust act amount to anything at first?
did trust become unpopular?
a corporation that holds stock in other companies
holding company
where are holding companies legal?
new jersey
where are holding companies illegal?
industrialization and urbanization in the guilded age changed us from ----- nation to ------
aggriculture to industrial
gold on the outside, less pretty underneath
the us had a lot of...
natural resources
cheap labor because of...
technology was
what increased because of the impressive technology?
what boosted the economy?
transcontinental railroads
what created a national market and transcontinental railroad?
mass labor was...
how many acres were give to the rr in texas?
32 million
started with 1 refinery and then gained 90% control in the us
industrial exposition was positive because of... (3 things)
higher standard of living

industrial exposition was negative because...
abuses of monopoly power
secret kicks the cost of shipping to some customers (big shippers)
people with problems with to ----- govs to try and get -----
state govs
interstate commerce was dealt with through the -----
national government
attempted to outlaw rebates and outlaw other practices
interstate commerce act 1887
first federal regulatory commision
interstate commerce commission.
racism reconstruction failed the
states are responsible for what happens to people, not the national government.
constitutional structure
14th ammendment
offers equality under law
15ht ammendment
promises right to vote
15th amendment also promised but took away....
all men are created equal
whites treated blacks...
famous for cleaning up construction...
greeley had a newspaper that supported
whig and repubs
greeley won or lost the election of 1872?
where did the tie breaker come from?
the three unredeemed states.
both sides claimed
what ended reconstruction?
compromise of 1877
who won the election of 1876?
rutherford b hayes
what did hays promise?
to use the spoils system
put dems in cab.
support plans with fed money to help rebuild the south

wanted to bring ---- party to the south
land owners and labor owners...
came together
what was the cash crop?
crop lien system.
would it come out even?
credit when borrowing money. store borrowed from gets crop. come out close to even.
who said that the south was the nations economic problem
roosevelt said the south was the nations economic problem. this was also known as...
the new south creed
the civil rights act of 1875 had to do with
racial riots
the supreme court ruling for disenfranchisment called for...
poll tax and literacy test
who was a former slave that went to the hamilton institute. built his own school. preached that black people should improve themselves economically and earn equality?
booker t washington
what were the two things that were wrong with his approach?
earn equality
who created the naacp?
william dubois
the process of congressional reconstruction was led by who?
military in command for congress
black codes were eliminated when...
presidential reconstruction was eliminated
how many states came back into the union in time to vote?
7 out of 10
protect the vote racially cant turn people away because of race/color/or previous condition of servitude
15th ammendment
----- state govs must be gotten rid of
northern born white people who came to the south after the war to take a leadership role.
carpet baggers
white southernors who turned republican
did the scalawags want secession?
who provided the votes?
was there a lot of corruption?
could the corruption be justified?
were taxes high?
higher than ever
how much had been spent?
more than any state government had ever spent
why was so much money spent?
mainly because they needed to rebuild the south
what else was money spent on
the majority of southern whites saw -----
state governments
the conservative party was also known as
would suggest that carpet baggers be hung
used violence and intimidation across the south
made federal crime to interfere with anyone trying to protect right
force act (1870)
made klan like activity a federal crime
kkk act
what ended everywhere in 1872
freedmans burea
gave back the right to hold office to whites
general amnesty act (1872)
why did they allow the general amnesty act?
leaders were gone.
lack of public interest.
republican party needed reconstruction

when did the republican party fall apart?
a senator from georgia who was then the vp of the confederacy
alexander hamilton stephens
who handed out pardons very freely?
what type of governments absolutely refused to give equal rights to freed men
new state governments
descriminatory laws placed on black people.
black codes
did every state have black codes?
investigated what was happening in the south, realized how bad it was and took over the sterens
joint committee on reconstruction (1866)
1st welfare agency to help freedmen adjust.
freedmans burea bill
said that blacks were citizens. states cannot descriminate against citizens. tried to undo plack codes. was the first civil rights act in us
civil rights act of 1866
who vetoed the freedmans bill and the civil rights act of 1866, why?
johnson, he said that both were unconstitutional
start over-erase everything johnson had done
reconstruction act of 1867
how many charges were come up with on andrew johnson.
what did these charges violate?
the tenure of office act
who was the man they settled on?
edmond ross
how did the vote come back?
how many votes did they need?
how many of the 19 were democrats and republicans
12 were democrats.
7 were republicans
johnson was....but not....
in the election of 1868, who won?
us grant
was was grant known for...
being a war hero
how many states finished ratification by 1865?
10 our of 11
wanted to change to the south
radical republicanism
need to make in south, slaves vote, and take away white votes
economic motive
equal infront of the law
idealistiv motive
challenged lincoln and would have lasted longer and meen more painful, changed from 10% to 50%, and in order to vote. swear they forced to join confederacy
wade davis bill
which amendment ended slavery
south elected people who ran the
presidential reconstruction
run by the pres
congressional reconstruction
rub by congress
republican government in the south
change in party
redemption means
to be saved
everyone considered it a
wanted reconstruction to be as quick and painless as possible
lincols 10 percent plan
goal in war
to save the union
southerners just had to pledge ---- to the ----
high ranking had to ask president to be
guilty of treason =
--- % of men who pledged loyalty, set up new gov in the state
wanted a voice in reconstruction, though lincoln was letting them off too easily
congress opposition

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