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social psychology
how we influence and are influenced by other ppl
principle of social proof
when we are unsure of how to behave we look around
pluralistic ignorance
at the same time we are looking around to see what to do so is everyone else
werther effect
copycat suicide, front pg. of paper
increase in suicides by similar ppl with similar method
principle of reciprocity
reciprocate at equal levels
door in the face technique
you make a request that you know will be shot down and then you back off with the idea that the other person will reciprocate the concession. like bargaining
Principle of commitment


agree to sm commitment increases chance that they will agree to larger commitment (billboards)

change condit of commitment ride for spring break w st bernard

pilot/copilot study

didn\'t question the captain

principle of liking
tupperware parties
impression mgmt theory
links principles of social influence
self concept
the sum of the total beliefs you have about yourself

NOT an evaluation

looking glass self
other ppl are a mirror in which we see ourselves
Mead\'s thoughts
we come to know ourself by imaging what significant others think of us
self conscious
you tend to be self aware or self focused
chronically self aware
want to escape selves

adaptive ways: zone out w/tv

non adaptive: alcohol


Escaping the self

ppls desire to escape self is a factor underlying alcoholism, suicide, eating disorders, masochism
first person pronouns
high state of self awareness in suicide notes
complete absence of self awareness
lose identity as part of a crowd
baiting crowds
loss of identifiabilty
believe anonymous
like someone getting ready to jump off bridge, crowd develops, someone says jump!

overall pos or neg eval of self
lake wobegon effect
cogn bias that causes ppl to overestimate their pos qual & abilities and to underest their neg qualities, relative to other

all kids in village better than avg --> we all feel we are better than everyone else (not everyone feels that)

social judgment
how do i compare to everyone else
how others see us


reinforcement or punishment
how others see us


like the msg sent to the kid picked last for sports \"you\'re not good\" it\'s implied
motives for self enhancement
behaviors that allow us to maintain enhance self esteem
self serving attributions
take credit for success but we deny responsibility for failure
basking in reflected glory
publicly announce affiliation w anothers success

football --> we won!

cutting off we reflected failure
distance self from unsuccessful others

they lost (football)

derogation of others


put everyone else down to feel better
downward social comparison
compare yourself to ppl who are worse off than you and then you feel better
set yourself up to fail

top 2 ways:
behavioral self handicap
self reported self handicap

behavioral self-handicapping
engage in behavior that sets you out to fail so if you fail you have an excuse
self reported self handicapping
making up an excuse

like i\'m sick i won\'t do well when you really aren\'t sicl

excessively good samaritans

(self handicap)

people who are \"losers in life\"

sacrifice life to take care of aging parent (i can\'t have this or that bc they need to take care of like old parents)

psych disorders info
1/4 ppl with psych issues need help
women more likely to get it
organic disorders
damage to central nervous system
funct. disorders
typically not an underlying phys condition
Classical Method dividing Schizophrenia
4 tier
what are the tiers???
catatonic- piano man
paranoid- gerald
hebephrenic- emotions that are inapprop. to situations

men get schizo earlier than women
the rule of thirds
1/3 will be schizo and never recover, third will go in and out, a third will develop and come out (women more likely) bc more likely to develop in response to major event
Contemporary method of classifying schizophrenia
reactive- brought on by tragic event (women more likely)

process- (men more likely)

bipolar disorder
periods of mania and depression apparent stress
2.lifts spontaneously overtime
3. will invariably occur

does well w/ meds

antisocial personality disorder
no compassion
no empathy

means flight

leave wake up in new place and have no idea of anything

dissociative identity disorder
multiple personalities

some ppl dont believe thsi happens

sexual abuse as child --> want to dissociate

principal of authority
dr milgram shocks

ppl will do things more often for experts

sources of self esteem
behavioral performance

how we think others see us

3 tiers psych disorders
personality disorders

classification of abnormal behavior
standard dev
cultural relativity
danger to self/others

psychosis symptoms
1. cognitive-thought pattern disturbances
3. affective-emot. disturbances
4. behavioral disturbances- odd mannerisms

4 types of schizo
disorganized or simple schizo
social withdraw, lack of interest
catatonic schizo
stupor with outbursts
rigid posture
paranoid schizo
delusions of persecution
hebephrenic schizo
emotions inapprop to situations
process schizo
long term detioration little chance for recovery
reactive schizo
adequate pre-illness social development
illness caused by stresssor

prognosis good

schizo causes
brain abnormalities
psych factors like stressful environ

anxiety disorders can lead to
stress related depression


nervous breakdown

anxiety disorder types
generalized anxiety disorder
phobic disorder

Dissociative Disorders
Multip. Personality

prosocial behavior
behavior that produces pos soc conseq
reciprocal inhibition
when 2 responses inhibit each other only 1 may exist at a given moment

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