Glossary of 1-biology lab quiz

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what the investigator measures; it is affected by the experiment
dependent variable
variables that are held constant during an experiment
control variable
what the investigator varies in the experiment
independent variable
tentative explanation for an observation
drawing specific conclusions from general principles
deductive reasoning
what are the steps of the scientific method?

hypothesis needs to be...
pieces of info go in to a generalization
inductive reasoning
pieces of information are used to form a generalization
inductive reasoning
involves drawing specific conclusions from general principles
deductive reasoning
stays the same
control groups
this groups is used for comparison with an experimental group
control group
in this group, one factor is altered in some manner
experimental group
the variable the investigator varies during the experiment in hopes of affecting the dependent variable
independent variable
what you manipulate
independent variable
a scientist must be able to repeat the experiment numerous times using exactly the same conditions to see if results are consistent

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